How Technology Helps With Multinational Clinical Research

Jaime E. Love

Ryan Jones is the co-founder and CEO of Florence Healthcare, a leading clinical trial software company.

The Covid-19 vaccine studies showed that clinical trials must find more participants, especially diverse participants, and one way that might help is by going multinational. Technology made it possible for research sponsors to communicate and share documents and data with multiple sites around the world, even when travel was restricted.

Holding trials across multiple countries doesn’t just help vaccine trials—it can also help clinical trials that have strict enrollment requirements, like biomarker-driven oncology trials. Additionally, expanding clinical trials benefits patients living in low- or middle-income countries, who often have fewer treatment options.

Going multinational is only possible, however, if sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) have consistent and always-on remote access to their research sites. This is where technology plays a vital role. Software can help sponsors perform remote monitoring,

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Which Smart Devices Do You Need?

Jaime E. Love

The phrase ‘smart’ is pretty frequently hooked up to all kinds of points these days: watches are smart, fridges are sensible, televisions are smart, shoes are smart, vehicles are clever, and on and on. Heck, even some bathrooms are currently being branded as wise! Wise technological know-how and clever devices are the most recent buzzwords attached to domestic existence, and it can be easy to get swept up in the hoopla. Just after all, who would not want the smartest things they could get?

Nonetheless, not all good tech is what it is cracked up to be. In fact, some smart technological know-how can be a hassle fairly than a profit: troubles with up-to-date software package and applications, frequent repairs and callbacks from suppliers, and competing running devices each individual aiming to make a income can make specific wise units in close proximity to extremely hard to use fluidly. 


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How To Read More Books With Help From BookTok, BookTube, And Bookstagram

Jaime E. Love

Instead, the books of BookTok became like celebrities to me: Any commentary on the plotless yet delightful The Idiot gave me joy, and I felt compelled to warn anyone who picked up a cliché yet chaotic Colleen Hoover novel. I wanted to get my hands on the hot new thing so I could understand the online discourse.

And when I need more information, I head to BookTube, where YouTubers discuss books. Some say BookTube is past its prime, but it’s just a different beast where viewers care more about what specific creators say. BookTubers do deeper dives into plot and book nuances. One of my favorite genres is the monthly wrap-up video, in which creators talk about all the books they read that month, usually the hot new books with some old favorites.

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ExpressVPN pulls servers out of India

Jaime E. Love

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NEW DELHI — An order by Indian regulators requiring Internet companies to store their users’ real names and track their usage history has alarmed digital privacy advocates and virtual private network providers, which have begun to pull out of the country in protest.

ExpressVPN, a leading virtual private network firm based in the British Virgin Islands, said Thursday that it would shut down its servers in India. The company wrote in a blog post that it “refuses to participate in the Indian government’s attempts to limit internet freedom” and warned that the order requiring VPN companies to store their users’ data for up to five years could be abused by authorities.

VPN services allow users to browse the Web anonymously and mask their IP, or Internet Protocol, addresses, and to bypass government censorship in countries including China, Russia and Turkey.

Indian authorities have argued that

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