Remembering Data Compression Pioneer K. R. Rao

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This article was first published as “The battle for the SX-70.” It appeared in the May 1989 issue of IEEE Spectrum. A PDF version is available on IEEE Xplore. The diagrams and photographs appeared in the original print version.

Yet this complicated system had to fit in a package the size of Land’s jacket pocket, he decreed—a constraint that meant employing ICs. But as Polaroid could not fabricate ICs, the success of its SX-70 project lay in the hands of outsiders.

The flash control contract was given to General Electric Co. Then in 1971, when GE dropped out of the IC business, it was issued to Sprague Electric Corp., as well as to Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. of Palo Alto, Calif., and Texas Instruments Inc. of Dallas, Texas. Only Fairchild and Sprague ended up producing flash controllers.

Independent contracts to develop the motor and exposure control modules went to Fairchild and

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Kuba Poraj-Kuczewski Named Chief Marketing Officer for New Western

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Kuba Poraj-Kuczewski, Chief Marketing Officer, New Western

New Western, a provider of distressed residential investment properties, has announced the addition of Kuba Poraj-Kuczewski as Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for leading all marketing efforts for the company, and overseeing New Western’s marketing team.

“We are thrilled to have Kuba serve our team as CMO,” said Kurt Carlton, Co-Founder and President of New Western. “The vision we have for New Western far exceeds traditional levels of growth and requires the expertise of a leader with a proven track record of optimizing capabilities, positioning, and tangible business results.”

Poraj-Kuczewski brings more than two decades of experience in customer acquisition, engagement, and marketing communication strategy. He has a keen understanding of brand awareness, product marketing, and performance marketing. He has had tremendous success in growing online products, campaigns, and brands, from launch to exit.

“New Western has an impressive history of building

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SEO Agencies That Accept Students For Internships In 2022

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Many benefits come with choosing an SEO company for an internship. The world currently revolves around technology. So students who are looking to gain from this industry will have more joy working for an SEO company. There are many gains in it for college students, and it only gets better if the company is one of the best in the industry.

SEO agencies that accept students for internships in 2022 seo agencies
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The first step to getting a top-notch firm that focuses on SEO is to submit a great application. If you cannot do it yourself, there is automatic rewording tool that you should use. It will help you to have literate writing without tautology and incorrect vocabulary. Every leader wants to see a competent specialist who can present himself and understand his strengths and weaknesses, so you can’t avoid the process, if you want to have intern role. With the above said, here are the top

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Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer

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US IT giant Microsoft will end support for its web browser Internet Explorer on Thursday, June 16, Japan time.

Internet Explorer hit the market in 1995. The program has been widely used at home and offices.

The company says Explorer users should switch to its Microsoft Edge browser because the use of unsupported browsers raises the risk of virus infections and security breaches. Edge now comes pre-installed on computers with Windows 10 or 11 operating systems.

But Japan’s Information-technology Promotion Agency says many accounting, personnel management and other in-house business systems were developed for use with Internet Explorer. It is calling for the modification of such systems to protect them against security threats.

An official with the agency’s security center, Shibamoto Kenichi, says businesses and organizations should act quickly because system modifications can take time.

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