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Lisa H. Shelton

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We did not must send our programmers to attend the Anaximander College of Cartography to study map-making for four years and then journey the world writing down all of the interesting issues in it. … Read More

Businesspeople Need To Understand Technology More Than Technologists Need To Understand Business

Jaime E. Love

Many things are hybrid these days, including clouds and cars. Now, we are seeing the rise of the hybrid business leader, who has advanced technology understanding, as well as strong business-building skills. They may come from technical ranks, but also may come from the business side, with a need to develop more advanced technology skills.

That’s the word from Thomas Erl, author of numerous business technology books, and CEO of Arcitura Education, which provides technology skills training to thousands of professionals across the globe. “Leaders and managers need to understand technology, and how it not only relates to automating their systems, but how it relates to their global digital presence. Also, they need a firm grasp of how their competitors and others in their markets are utilizing technology.”

At the same time, technologists need to up their business acumen. There is a

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Xiaomi-backed Black Shark 5, 5 Pro gaming phones launch in virtual event

Jaime E. Love

Before the pandemic, tech launch events for media tended to be physical, at fancy hotels, or hip eateries.

During COVID-19, brands then had to find different ways to make launch events still exciting. Early on, a virtual meeting over Zoom or another video conferencing tool sufficed.

Then some brands like Samsung stepped it up by creating a virtual space accessible through our laptops, where we could explore “rooms” set up to link you to different content about various new products.

Those brought along more immersion and interaction, something that Zoom calls weren’t able to carry over from in-person events.

But just recently, I attended a launch event that will live on in my memory much longer than I expected, and not necessarily for the reasons you might think.

It was the launch of the Black Shark 5 series, by the popular Chinese gaming technology company backed by Xiaomi, Black Shark

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Commonwealth Bank offers home loan customers three-year internet plan that could save them $2,700

Jaime E. Love

A year after acquiring a 25% stake in broadband retailer More, the Commonwealth Bank is leveraging NBN to attract customers, offering eligible conditionally pre-approved home loans with access to a free NBN plan for three years, claiming homeowners can save up to $2,700.

In a statement, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) is also offering all of its existing customers 30% off More NBN plans for the first 12 months when they sign up using their CBA credit or debit card as their bill payment method.

CBA’s timing couldn’t be timelier as the bank’s recent research revealed majority of homeowners were preparing for an interest rate prior to the Reserve Bank’s decision to increase the cash rate in May.

Australians with a home loan (33%) were also looking for cheaper providers for utilities/services to help prepare for rate increases.

“Enjoying free internet for

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