NI Week 2022 Highlights Automotive Testing Technology And ADAS Data Collection

Jaime E. Love

Last month, NI (the company previously known as National Instruments) held its annual NI Week event in Austin, TX. While I was unfortunately unable to attend, I did follow the news from the conference closely. NI is a leading manufacturer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software, which means that even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably used a lot of the technology it helped enable (4G and 5G connectivity, for example).

While numerous announcements came out of the event, I wanted to highlight a few related to the automotive tech industry. Between the rising popularity of EVs (electric vehicles) and the development of increasingly autonomous vehicles, the sector is undergoing a significant transformation. You’ll frequently find NI on the bleeding edge of emergent technologies, given the technology before it goes public. Let’s look at what NI is doing to enable

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China’s plans to go to the Moon, Mars and beyond

Jaime E. Love

By Wanyuan Song and Jana Tauschinski
BBC News

Chinese flag in space with the Earth in the backgroundImage source, BBC; Getty Image; Nasa

Three Chinese astronauts have begun a six-month mission, to work on the country’s new space station.

It is China’s latest step towards making itself a leading space power for the decades ahead.

What is the Tiangong space station?

Last year, China put into orbit the first module of its Tiangong or “Heavenly Palace” space station. It plans to add more modules, such as Mengtian science lab, by the end of the year.

Next year, it will launch a space telescope, called Xuntian. This will fly close to the space station, and dock with it for servicing and refuelling.

Tiangong will have its own power, propulsion, life support systems and living quarters.

China is only the third country in history to have put both astronauts into space and to build a space station, after the Soviet Union

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Wow, Americans Simply Can’t Stand Their Internet Service Providers

Jaime E. Love

What’s happening

The American Customer Satisfaction Index released its annual survey of Americans’ contentment with their internet service providers. The results weren’t pretty.

Why it matters

As broadband connectivity becomes more and more integral to daily work and schooling habits, few ISPs are meeting our expectations. If we start to see increased competition, that could change.

If you’re getting lower customer satisfaction ratings than the US Postal Service or gas stations, you know you’re doing something wrong. At the very least, you’ve got a significant perception problem. But that’s where internet service providers are now, with the release earlier in June of the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Telecommunications Study for 2021-2022. 

Among more than 45 different industries surveyed, including such wide-ranging trades as food manufacturing, life insurance, airlines, hotels, hospitals and social media, ISPs came in dead last for customer satisfaction, with a 64 rating on a zero to 100

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This $150 biodegradable keyboard has an Intel processor inside

Jaime E. Love

In a nutshell: A London company known as Pentaform is preparing to start out providing a biodegradable keyboard that can run Windows 10 for just $150 afterwards this thirty day period. It established the system, branded AbacusBasic, to enable hook up individuals that in any other case couldn’t find the money for a computer system to the internet.

According to Pentaform, the Abacus is the most very affordable pc in the earth. It’s a frequent workplace keyboard with a trackpad tacked on to the side and a quad-main procedure tucked underneath it. It will not have a monitor, but it has an HDMI port.

Component of what tends to make it exclusive is its environmental friendliness. Pentaform co-founder, Joon Sang Lee, suggests the Abacus “considers the planet as just one of its primary beneficiaries.” Its outer casing is manufactured from a biodegradable polymer and its interior elements are made

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