Emerging Technologies to Man International Borders

Jaime E. Love

For decades, long immigration queues at airports have been a concern with new complexities post the pandemic.

With travel restrictions easing globally, border control authorities are likely to spend more time scrutinizing travelers’ records, given the added need to review health credentials and vaccination statuses, according to Jiten Vyas, Regional Group Chief Operating Officer at VFS Global.

Jiten Vyas, Regional Group COO at VFS Global

According to the Annual Tourism Sector Performance 2021 Report, Kenya’s tourism sector is looking positive, with the aviation industry playing an integral part in the sector’s growth.

The country continues to gain from its strategic location as a global and regional air transport hub hence the sustained resumption of flights by major international airlines.

The Government has also eased COVID-19 restrictions –and the resulting growing demand for solutions to expedite passenger document checking – including the passenger locator form and the proof of negative Covid-19

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Sales and Marketing: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Jaime E. Love

Traditionally, sales and marketing each have had distinct roles. But, in practice, these roles have unavoidably overlapped at one (or more) levels over the years. While many companies have tried to keep these two areas totally separate — that is, as they say, “never the twain shall meet” — the line of demarcation between sales and marketing has become more ill-defined (and more confusing) than ever. 

The increasing blur between sales and marketing boils down to whose responsibility it is to “carry the load” with regard to communication. Historically, marketing has been directly tied to advertising and promotion; by contrast, the sales function has been tied to informing — that is, educating — buyers in more detail than marketing does, and thus closing the sale. We now enter the world of IoT and the world in which information is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. This has further complicated the

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Supreme Court blocks Texas’s attempt to seize control of Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube

Jaime E. Love

The Supreme Court docket handed down a transient order on Tuesday blocking a Texas legislation that would have properly seized control above the overall written content moderation method at significant social media internet sites this sort of as Fb, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Texas law imposed such burdensome prerequisites on these web-sites, including disclosure prerequisites that might basically be unattainable to comply with, that it introduced an existential risk to the overall social media field. Fb, for case in point, removes billions of parts of material from its website every single 12 months. The Texas law would have to have Fb to publish a prepared explanation of every single of these decisions.

At the very least, the regulation would have prevented important social media web-sites from engaging in the most simple kinds of information moderation — these types of as suppressing posts by literal Nazis who advocate for mass

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Synchronizing internet access is biggest takeaway as Santa Rosa leaders talk infrastructure

Jaime E. Love

Stakeholders and residents from across Santa Rosa County met for the first time this week to discuss the landscape and strategies regarding providing better internet access as the state plans to divvy up money later this year.

“I think it’s important to keep in mind that there’s 67 counties in Florida. And they all have their eye on that (money),” said Ed Carson, president of Carson Construction and a member of the local tech team.

The county’s Outreach and Community Liaison for Grants and Special Projects Kyle Holley is the person spearheading the push in Santa Rosa. He organized the volunteer-based tech team and plans to continue holding meetings about strategies moving forward.

How the state will split up the funding: Florida will divvy $866M for counties to improve internet. How Santa Rosa’s getting ready

Internet expansion in Escambia County: Will North Escambia ‘finally’ get fiber internet? $12M investment may

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