Kogniz Introduces Computer Vision Platform for Gun Detection

Jaime E. Love

Advanced AI-based computer vision company Kogniz has announced its ready-to-deploy gun detection module as part of the latest version of its technology, which predicts, detects, and resolves safety and operational problems. The company also announced a $10 million investment led by Ulu Ventures, with participation by super{set} Venture Studio and its CEO and Co-founder Tom Chavez, K20 Fund, The Indy Fund, H. Barton Asset Management, among others. 

The new investment will help expand the company’s technology for gun detection, safety, and anomaly detection to commercial, industrial, school, and governmental organizations. 

Gun Detection Platform

Active shootings are one of the most severe crises the United States faces, creating a wide range of complex challenges for safety and security. The FBI has indicated that there has been a 33% increase in active shooting incidents between 2019-2020, and a 52% increase between 2020 and 2021. Just this year, there have been at least

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We’re Training AI Twice as Fast This Year as Last

Jaime E. Love

So how much of the material that goes into the typical bin avoids a trip to landfill? For countries that do curbside recycling, the number—called the recovery rate—appears to average around 70 to 90 percent, though widespread data isn’t available. That doesn’t seem bad. But in some municipalities, it can go as low as 40 percent.

What’s worse, only a small quantity of all recyclables makes it into the bins—just 32 percent in the United States and 10 to 15 percent globally. That’s a lot of material made from finite resources that needlessly goes to waste.

We have to do better than that. Right now, the recycling industry is facing a financial crisis, thanks to falling prices for sorted recyclables as well as policy, enacted by China in 2018, which restricts the import of many materials destined for recycling and shuts out most recyclables originating in the United States.


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On-line Programs & Certification

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The evolution (and eventual end) of computer monitors

Jaime E. Love

(Disclosure: All of the vendors mentioned are clients of the author.)

I met this week with Stefan Engel, Lenovo’s vice president and general manager of visuals business, and we chatted about where monitors are — and where they are going. That prompted me to reflect on why monitors are likely headed toward obsolescence by the end of the decade, and the different approaches Dell, HP, and Lenovo are taking now. 

Let me start with that last point first. 

Dell, HP, and Lenovo march to different monitor drummers

When it comes to setting up a monitor, most users are also interested in speakers and a webcam — especially in the video-centric world in which we now work. Dell views it monitors as entirely separate items; cameras and speakers (with some exceptions) are usually separate, although Dell does tend to support charging and accessory connections, turning them into USB hubs.

HP generally

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