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10 best AI Art Generators

10 best AI Art Generators

In the last decade, there have been some serious improvements in terms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the advent of this, there have been so many tools that are derived from AI as well. Recently there have been so many apps that can create as per your prompts. I have to say that they have clearly improved so much in the past couple of years. Recently there have been new tools for writing content as well. For Example, Notion AI is an upcoming feature that will use AI to generate written content that can be useful and plagiarism-free.

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With AI-generated art, instead of automation affecting sectors like business and healthcare, now it’s taking over the creative sector as well. Now, that it’s accessible to anyone and everyone, it has opened up the gates of creativity around the world. The art generated by AI can be converted to NFTs and sold to people which means that there is a great opportunity to make some money out of the art generated by these apps.

10 best AI Art Generators

When it comes to these AI art generators, there are major players in the business who can actually build decent art some of these tools are free and some of them are paid. They mostly are coming in the form of mobile apps since that’s more accessible across the world.

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In the article, we will look at 10 different AI art generators which are really good and highly used across the globe. With the options provided here, you can find the one that works well for me. I have found the one that works for me and I will talk about it at the end of this article. Now, let’s see them one by one.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a one-stop solution for all things AI art generation. Jasper is an AI assistant that turns your imagination into amazing art and photos in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is give a prompt as to what you would like the image to be and then you will get it done. This has both text and also image generation tools. You can check out the entire range of products on their website.

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The tool that converts text to art or images is called the AI content tool and has been used by over 70,000+ leading brands, agencies, and content creators like Google, Zillow, Airbnb, IBM, etc., It is super easy to use and even if you are interested in purchasing the premium version, I would say that it’s totally worth every single penny.


NightCafe is very similar to Jasper Art or any other rate generator but one thing that stands out is the fact that it’s super easy to actually use NightCafe. It has a free trial version which you can use without even signing up for the site. Head over to the site and enter any prompt that is based on your imagination and then within a few seconds you will get the generated ART which is needless to say, stunning.

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For the purpose of this tutorial, I have searched the prompt “Captain America in a bicycle” and this is what I got. Pretty cool right?!?! This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can do whatever you feel like and generate mesmerizing art by making use of the AI art generator tools.

In addition to that, Nightcafe has a credit-based infrastructure. If you have more credits you can generate more images using AI. Also, it’s possible to purchase credits as well. If you don’t want to spend money, you can earn these credits by becoming a part of the community.


I talk a lot about my personal experience in the last section of this article but here let’s see what Dall-E 2 is all about. This is probably the best tool out there to create highly realistic images with the use of Artificial Intelligence. It’s based on the popular protocol called OpenAI. With the use of this, you can create illustrations, design products, and even generate ideas for business. This AI relies on scanning the internet for data to give you the best results possible.

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Some of the advantages of this Dall E-2 are the ability to create hyper-realistic images in a matter of minutes, a super easy-to-use interface, and also the ability to use multiple layers of images. There is also a paintbrush tool that enables you to add details like shadows, highlights, and more effects to your AI-generated image.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is another art generator that is actually free of cost and also you need to do is to sign up and then start generating images via text prompt. Its super easy to use and from what I have tested it works like a charm but I have to admit that it has its faults.

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  1. Enter the prompt and choose variables like quality, whether you want to enhance face, Aspect ratio and other details as you can see below in the screenshot.
    Deep Dream 1
  2. After a few seconds you get the end product like you see here. I chose to get Captain America in a bicycle but they tool clearly missed out the bicycle part.
    Captain America in a bicycle

For the purpose of writing this article, I tested this tool and tried generating about 10 images but 3 of them were bad and were not related to the text prompt that I gave at all. I think this tool needs a lot of improvement but nonetheless, it still works and gets the job done.

Art Breeder

Artbreeder in addition to being an AI art generator is also an image quality enhancer that helps you with different versions of the same image with the help of artificial intelligence. This means that you can create different versions of the same prompt but with different characteristics like weather, facial features, tonal change, cartoonish, and so forth.

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With ArtBreeder, you can save thousands of the images you generated and can retrieve them whenever you want. The end images could be downloaded in both JPG and PNG formats. There is nothing that stops you from creating amazing art and building them to be a really good collection for yourself.

Big Sleep

Now, let’s talk about Big Sleep, it’s an AI Generator that creates super realistic images from a single text. Similar to other tools that I have mentioned above, this is also extremely easy to use and takes only a few steps to generate the image that you want to generate.

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Big Sleep was built using Python programming language and the image is built by using neural networks which are based on a Generative Adversarial Network. With the help of GAN, Big Sleep develops images that are harder to distinguish whether its fake or real images. That’s the kind of leap that they have taken in terms of accuracy and fooling people’s eyes.

Deep AI

Deep AI is also a great art generator which was built in 2016 and is probably the best out there in terms of open-source software which helps you to create hyper-realistic images. It’s free of cost and you can create as many images as you want.

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StyleGAN and BigGAN are some of the tools that are offered by DeepAI which is what you need to create realistic images. Another great addition to the tools is CartoonGAN which lets you turn images into cartoonish figures. You can also generate a resolution-independent vector which then you can turn into whichever type you want.


StarryAI is a great tool where you can generate art using AI by going to the link https://create.starryai.com/create. Its also super easy and free to use. A major advantage of this tool is the ability to turn your AI generated art into NFTs. You need to log in with Google or Apple to start creating these images.

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The feature that makes StarryAI stands out is the fact that you have full ownership of the art that you generate using StarryAI. Basically you can consider this as a free NFT generating tool which to be honest is a great and awesome thing. Like other tools this also wants your text prompt which will be converted to images.

In addition they have three different AI options inside the StarryAI. They are

This is how you can generate art in Starry AI.

  1. Open Starry AI on your web browser.
  2. Log on to it either with Google or with Apple.
  3. Once you have logged in, tap on Create button at the top right corner.
  4. Now you have to select the type of AI you want from the image below. Select Modal
  5. Now, enter the prompt in the Enter Prompt textbox and click on CREATE button at the bottom. Enter Prompt
  6. After about a few minutes, you will find the rendered AI art like you can see here. I saw the notification saying it might take two minutes but it took a lot more than that for me personally. Takes two minutes


Runway ML is another great option to generate AI art because in the back end its done by training and using machine learning tools. Super realistic images can be generated by entering prompts. In addition to that, there is also a video editor tool which lets you create video projects where you can replace the background images in video files.

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Relative motion analysis is a major part of RunwayML which give the ability to figure out exactly what the user is trying to do. There are always ways to collaborate on projects with your friends or peers, create 3D models with animations and video editor tools is also extremely handy to say the least.

So, if you are looking for a AI art generator tool that lets you generate photo realistic images, look no where other than RunwayML.


If you are old school techie, you must have heard of Fotor and that ugly photo editor what you would install on your windows computer and it really is bad. Now, they have their own AI tools to create NFT art. Its super easy to use and works like a charm every single time. You can create amazing photo realistic art in a matter of few minutes. This is probably the most user friendly tools out there.

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There is a way to actually upload an image and select the art style that you want to be applied on the image. You could also create layers and add more flare to the image if you choose to do so. You don’t even have to login or sign up to use this particular site.

All you have to do is upload an image and select the style of art you want to apply to it. You can also create layers or add personal touches quickly and easily. The tool doesn’t require you to create an account to use the software or download the artworks. 

DALL-E 2 is the one that works perfectly for me. I found it to be extremely intuitive and the end art is always interesting and is good enough to be shared. Once I started using it, I found myself to be using it for hours and had to stop myself forcefully to stop using it. Also, MKBHD talked about DALL-E 2 in his podcast or something and I have been curious ever since. Wonder is also another great tool that I tend to use a lot more than other options that I have listed above in this article.

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I’d highly recommend you check out these tools because you can see the progress that we have done when it comes to machine learning in the past decade. Which tools did you find to be interesting and something that works for you? Do let us know in the comments below.