3 reasons why investors should warm up to technology stocks after their months long sell-off, according to Fundstrat

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  • Investors should buy technology stocks after their months long sell-off entered bear market territory, according to Fundstrat.

  • “Investors deem Technology ‘done’ but we think Technology demand will accelerate [over the] next few years.”

  • These are the three reasons why Fundstrat’s Tom Lee thinks investors should buy technology stocks.

Technology stocks went from most loved in years of the COVID-19 pandemic to now the most heavily sold, based on the underlying sector performance of the stock market.

The Nasdaq 100 fell into a bear market in 2022, dropping about 30% from its record high, which is a larger decline than the index experienced in March 2020. A combination of lofty valuations, a pull forward in demand, and rising interest rates helped fuel the months-long decline in the sector, among other factors.

But investors should take advantage of the decline and start buying the tech sector, according to a

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What is Jamstack? The static website revolution upending web development

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Jamstack is a well known internet improvement philosophy that aims to pace up the two website advancement and the time it can take to download a net web site. Drawing from devops and CI/CD, Jamstack upends very long-held procedures for constructing interactive world wide web pages, shifting load-time code execution away from web servers and toward in-browser JavaScript and external companies accessed through APIs. The close end result is a developer-friendly solution to creating static internet websites that render very swiftly and can be very easily custom-made for various platforms.

The Jamstack architecture

Jamstack is a web software architecture dependent on three pillars, which provide the initials in its identify: JavaScript, APIs, and markup. World wide web web pages on a Jamstack web-site consist of conventional markup language, so they can be designed and tested anywhere, without having dependencies on software servers or server-aspect systems like Node.js.

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What Businesses In Other Industries Can Learn

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Spend enough time on the internet these days and you’re bound to eventually stumble upon both good news and bad news about NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

NFTs have been getting a lot of attention, and the reality is that it’s a space filled with fraud. However, there are legitimate, successful NFT projects out there—and they use specific marketing strategies to generate consumer loyalty, interest and excitement. Here are the three marketing strategies typically accompanying successful NFT projects and what other businesses, regardless of industry, can learn from them.

1. Nurturing Brand Loyalty With Freebies

The NFT space didn’t invent the concept of freebies in marketing, but it’s capitalized on it exceptionally well.

It’s no secret that people like free things. In a study published in 2007, researchers coined the term “zero-price effect.” According to

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How to Record a Show on YouTube TV

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Are you wanting to file a demonstrate on YouTube Tv set? Check out this helpful action-by-stage guideline.

As before long as YouTube Television was introduced, the group obtained its hands on a streaming provider that became promptly well-known. YouTube Tv is in advance of its competition, furnishing accessibility to the major community Television channels.

To be certain you really do not skip an interesting show and hold it, you can history content from YouTube Tv with no limits.

Acquaintance with YouTube Television

YouTube Tv is a streaming service that features on a subscription basis. Men and women can observe reside YouTube Tv set from broadcast as well as cable networks that are in fantastic request, for example: 

  • breaking news
  • national and community reside sports
  • leisure canals
  • several exhibits, and many others.

There are 85+ channels out there. YouTube Television does not have storage limits, and it is probable to capture

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