Tactile Engineering reveals new technology to help the blind | News

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Tactile Engineering new technology

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A Lafayette engineering firm revealed technology that will revolutionize the way blind people learn, work, and play earlier on Thursday.

Tactile Engineering has developed a graphical computer tablet. The tablet includes 3,000 tiny parts that can change and act as interactive braille so users can experience animation.

CEO David Schleppenbach said that the focus of this technology is overcome an important challenge; making this available and affordable to as many people as possible.

Existing technology is very limited and very expensive,” Schleppenbach said. “Either the blind person uses paper, braille, or they use a device that has one line of text only. We have the ability to display an entire array of graphics on a screen just like you would have on a tablet.”

Not only will this technology benefit those who are blind, but once it takes off it can create many new Indiana jobs.

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DIY Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy with a Raspberry Pi Pico

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This article was first published as “The battle for the SX-70.” It appeared in the May 1989 issue of IEEE Spectrum. A PDF version is available on IEEE Xplore. The diagrams and photographs appeared in the original print version.

Yet this complicated system had to fit in a package the size of Land’s jacket pocket, he decreed—a constraint that meant employing ICs. But as Polaroid could not fabricate ICs, the success of its SX-70 project lay in the hands of outsiders.

The flash control contract was given to General Electric Co. Then in 1971, when GE dropped out of the IC business, it was issued to Sprague Electric Corp., as well as to Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. of Palo Alto, Calif., and Texas Instruments Inc. of Dallas, Texas. Only Fairchild and Sprague ended up producing flash controllers.

Independent contracts to develop the motor and exposure control modules went to Fairchild and

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Singapore leads fastest internet speed in fixed broadband category; UAE and Qatar top mobile internet speed

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Singapore has the fastest internet speed in the world with a median speed of 207.61Mbps, followed by Chile at 200.01Mbps and Thailand at 189.64Mbps, according to an analysis by BanklessTimes.

The US came at eighth with a median speed of 151.21Mbps.

Hong Kong (181.70Mbps), Denmark (166.11Mbps), China (162.74Mbps), and Macau (154.48Mbps) secured fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh positions respectively.

“Of the top eight countries with the fastest internet speed in the fixed broadband category, China is the most improved one, having stepped up three positions. Hong Kong improved by one position, while Denmark was demoted from the fourth to the fifth. The remaining countries, including Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Macau, and the United States, maintained their positions,” comments BanklessTimes CEO Jonathan Merry.

Global fixed broadband internet performance
BanklessTimes estimated global median download speed in the fixed broadband category is at 63.46Mbps. Upload median speed

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7 Amazing Smart Home Gadgets

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Underneath represented units are accomplishing best perform with electricity efficiency, privacy, and stability.

Even while Amazon and Google are the predominant gamers in the clever dwelling industry, other providers are also building impressive products and solutions.  Identical to the 22Wager in Naija, these improvements can make everyday living less complicated. There are hundreds of modest groups operating on new methods to make our lives much easier. Even with the deficiency of a solitary significant breakthrough in voice assistance or robotic units, more compact groups are nonetheless checking out new prospects in regions this kind of as protection, privacy, and vitality effectiveness.

There are so quite a few kinds of sensible household extras out there that it’s hard to slim down which types to spotlight. Whether you’re on the lookout to add additional automation to your home or update your current system, these seven devices are positive to arrive in

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