June 22, 2024


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The Hashtag is #ISTElive 22 – Find @alicekeeler


The official ISTE hashtag is #ISTElive. As is often the case for a conference, not everyone is using the same hashtag. Here is how you can follow ALL the hashtags for this year’s ISTE conference in New Orleans. I am also including how you can find me at ISTE!

Alice Keeler at ISTE 22 in Schoolytics Booth 2343

Only #ISTElive

The year is 2022 but this is NOT part of the hashtag. If you are trying to follow along on social media you will see a variety of hashtags. You can see from the official ISTE Twitter that the 22 is NOT part of the hashtag. There is a space. #ISTElive 22. As you can imagine there are many people combining this to be #ISTELive22. You will also see people tweeting on #ISTE22.

When an event is going on you want to add the hashtag to all of your social media posts. This allows anyone attending, or not attending, to find information related to the event. This expands your sharing to people who may not be following you.

A hashtag is a topic

The topic is ISTE and you want to know about all the events, giveaways, and most importantly the LEARNING! What are teachers at ISTELive so excited about this year that they want to tell you about it?! The hashtag is going to be a treasure trove of resources and tips.

Search the Hashtag #ISTElive

In social media search the #ISTElive hashtag. For Twitter notice that when you search it shows you TOP tweets. Click on “Latest” to see the most current tweets.

The trick to search ALL the hashtags is to use CAPITAL OR between hashtags. It is very important that the OR is capitalized. Click here to see all of the hashtags.


Searching on Twitter for #ISTELive OR #ISTElive22 OR #ISTE22 OR #NotAtISTE

Use Wakelet

How do you save all the awesome things you learn at ISTELive 22 even if you are #notAtISTE? TRY WAKELET! This awesome tool allows you to make collections of resources. You can also share your #ISTElive 22 collection! I am using @wakelet to save my #ISTElive 22 resources

Create an ISTElive 22 collection in Wakelet

Save Anything in Wakelet!

You can make a text note! You can add images. PDF files. Click on the boxes icon to add even more. See my Wakelet collection! I will be adding to it!

Add Tweets Directly to Your Wakelet

Clicking on the add from Twitter option you can search the #ISTElive hashtag! Find tweets and checkbox to add them to your collection. It could not be easier!

Install the Wakelet Chrome Extension

If you are on your laptop you can install the Wakelet Chrome Extension to capture resources into your collection.

Find Alice Keeler at #ISTElive 22

The Hashtag is #ISTElive 22 – Find @alicekeeler

Let’s connect at #ISTElive 22 Here is the official hashtag and tips for getting the most out of ISTE even if you are #NotAtISTE

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