December 7, 2022


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PETamentor2 Is Latest To Turn Bottles Into Filament

PETamentor2 Is Latest To Turn Bottles Into Filament

[Ondřej Šraitr] has various movies, such as the 1 you can watch below, about his PETamentor2 — a machine for turning PET bottles into printable filament. You can grab the files on Thingiverse, and there aren’t lots of parts you have to invest in.

The system appears great, and from the videos, it seems to do the job nicely. A blade slices the bottle into a strip that feeds what is primarily a scorching finish that pushes out the filament. The blade is adjustable to set the amount of plastic fed at any given time which is significant simply because you want sufficient to create a sound piece of filament but not any a lot more than that.

Surprisingly, the bill of elements does not involve any sort of microcontroller. There is a PWM speed regulate module to travel the 7 RPM motor and a temperature controller. Of class, you need a electrical power offer, a heater block and a heater. The nozzle is, oddly sufficient, a common .4 mm nozzle. You drill it out to 1.5 mm and die swell can take treatment of obtaining to the ultimate 1.75 mm dimension.

It takes about 45 minutes to consume up what appears like a 1-liter bottle. The filament developed seems to be superior in the video clip. We aren’t confident, but we think that was a roll of solder utilised as a ballast weight on best of the bottle holding it shifting in a downward route. Bottles suggest wetness, of system, so soon after making the filament, it requires to be dried.

This is the second model of the equipment and we were being a little bit shocked that we under no circumstances noticed a video clip of the filament in use. But it seems like it would do the job and it is not like we have not viewed this system utilized right before. In truth, we’ve observed it numerous situations. We just can’t keep in mind any that appeared as stylish as the PETamentor2, however, and we are intrigued to hear about anyone’s effects with the resulting filament. out?v=rayEKzULBxY