How To Read More Books With Help From BookTok, BookTube, And Bookstagram

Jaime E. Love


Instead, the books of BookTok became like celebrities to me: Any commentary on the plotless yet delightful The Idiot gave me joy, and I felt compelled to warn anyone who picked up a cliché yet chaotic Colleen Hoover novel. I wanted to get my hands on the hot new thing so I could understand the online discourse.

And when I need more information, I head to BookTube, where YouTubers discuss books. Some say BookTube is past its prime, but it’s just a different beast where viewers care more about what specific creators say. BookTubers do deeper dives into plot and book nuances. One of my favorite genres is the monthly wrap-up video, in which creators talk about all the books they read that month, usually the hot new books with some old favorites.


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