June 22, 2024


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Why Arvin Khamesh is the top, go-to expert for NFT marketing


Arvin Khamesh is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Sold Out NFTs.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with many investors joining the marketplace. Starting in 2015, it has recently surpassed search volume for cryptocurrencies. However, not all have been successful due to various reasons, including the stiff competition. Like any other venture, NFT is highly competitive, and to establish your place, marketing is essential. Without it, NFTs inherently don’t have any value. So, how do you create a winning marketing strategy?

According to Arvin Khamesh, a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Sold Out NFTs, NFT marketing is all about building engaging communities. He explains a strong online community will help your project reach a wider audience encouraging others in the industry to jump in and invest. It also enables you to build trust with your target audience, allowing them to understand your project and brand story better.

One of the major challenges NFT investors currently face is rug pulls, Arvin explains, which is a scam promotion that drives up the price of an NFT, allowing the scammer to sell and then shut down the project. This breaks trust between the investors and artists, and many projects end up with no sales. To help NFT creators, Arvin and his team at Sold Out NFTs have made it their mission to rebuild trust and assist brands with their marketing. Two ways they have helped was by creating a GoFundMe page for people affected by rug pulls, and by having all 400 of his NFT clients included in a spreadsheet showing what influencers they used, how much they paid them, and what results they’ve gotten, which helps NFT founders avoid getting scammed by influencers.

Arvin is helping NFT brands grow their online presence and sell out their projects by attracting the right people. Since their launch late last year, they have supported various artists in their journey, assisting them in selling out their NFTs. Arvin has worked with Sands Vegas Casino Club and Women of Crypto, both selling out within hours, as well as Froggos which sold out in only 7 minutes.

His past experience in investor relationship marketing for public companies is one of the factors that is helping him stand out in the fiercely competitive space assisting his clients to reach the top. Before joining NFT, Arvin marketed to various companies including government agencies, fortune 100 companies and other hedge funds, and was even a consultant to different NASDAQ-listed companies. However, when the NFT wave came along, he decided to try something different.

He recognized a market gap when it came to the marketing of NFTs and realized it was hard to grow considering it is a relatively new market. Arvin Khamesh has always had an interest in marketing and technology and has been at the forefront of recent tech trends from biohacking to internet marketing. With his experience and the extensive network that he has built over the years, he is helping NFT brands grow their following on Twitter and Discord and sell out their NFTs.

Arvin has grown his company to one of the leading in the space and receives recognition from celebrities. Sold Out NFTs, now a partner with Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Meta. While NFTs have created a greater opportunity for artists, not all are winning. However, with digital marketing specialists like Arvin at the forefront, all that is changing. He is helping solve the many challenges in the NFT marketplace and assisting brands sell out their projects through effective marketing strategies. Looking into the future, Arvin says his goal is to build his brand to be one of the leading in the industry and help many more artists reach success.

Learn more about him at Twitter and at Sold Out NFTs.

Disclaimer: Ascend Agency was compensated by Arvin Khamesh for this article.


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