May 20, 2024


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The Perfect Selection for the VPN Services Now

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Nowadays, you can access the Internet from any type of device. Smartphones, tablets, computers, but also smart TVs, game consoles and in-car monitors offer network connection capabilities. Despite the many benefits of this technology, there are also hidden dangers, which are often underestimated.

The Right Options

 Any activity carried out on the Internet, in fact, can be traced, monitored and exploited in a malicious way. A virtual private network allows you to disguise your Internet connection, making it inaccessible to anyone.

  • All data transmitted to and from the server is encrypted using a 64, 128 or 256 bit encryption protocol. In the remote case of data interception, they will be unreadable for unauthorized users and without a decryption key.
  • Among the advantages of using a 电脑 vpn there is certainly the possibility of hiding your IP address, so as to avoid, for example, advertising bombardments, unsolicited services and the risk of attacks. By adopting a VPN tunnel, it is possible to initiate DNS requests to obtain the IP address associated with the domain, all in a secure way, while maintaining high data protection and the anonymity of the information transmitted.

OpenVPN and Ubuntu

To connect to corporate systems, beyond the proprietary mechanisms integrated in the network connection and defense equipment (such as routers and firewalls), it is possible to adopt third-party software, including open source, such as OpenVPN.

  • The platform allows you to create a VPN, is based on the TLS / SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer) protocols and uses certificates to securely encrypt the traffic between the server and the client.
  • Among the possible configurations useful for business operations, it is possible to install and configure OpenVPN on a Linux server with Ubuntu 18.04, for example using workspaces on Cloud VPS.
  • The procedure provides for the adoption of a main server and a secondary system capable of operating as a “Certification Authority”, with the specific task of verifying the validity of the certificates.
  • Interestingly, by choosing an Ubuntu Linux base, the OpenVPN software is already available in the official repository.

Once the VPN architecture is activated it will then be possible to connect through dedicated software clients for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, but also by adopting mobile systems based on iOS and Android.

Once the software has been started on the remote client, in administrator mode, it will be possible to activate the encrypted secure tunnel, for a quick and secure connection to company resources.


Once the software has been deployed on the endpoints, each employee will therefore have access to shared resources, in full compliance with the privacy and security policies established within the company network.