December 4, 2022


Technological development

Starlink’s satellite signals, and joyless tech

Starlink's satellite signals, and joyless tech

Innovations in reproductive technologies are forcing us to rethink what it usually means to be a parent—even at a genetic level. Though IVF will allow would-be mothers and fathers to use eggs and sperm donated by some others, who might or may not have a role in the existence of the resulting child, it’s not just IVF. Systems that end result in babies with 3 genetic mothers and fathers are currently in use. And other individuals that allow 4 or extra genetic mom and dad could be available in the in close proximity to long term.

This form of development inevitably raises critical queries. What is it about a genetic contribution that may or may not make a man or woman a father or mother? Is there an best amount of parents a child can have? And, when we appear down to it, do genetics even seriously issue at all? Examine the comprehensive tale.

—Jessica Hamzelou

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The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to discover you today’s most pleasurable/vital/frightening/fascinating tales about technology.

1 Elon Musk is scheduling on reducing thousands of Twitter staff
Decreasing the company’s workforce by all over 75% would have a serious effect on its means to control dangerous articles. (WP $)
+ Twitter has advised employees to overlook media speculation. (Bloomberg $)
+ The platform is not constantly a complete viper’s nest. (FT $)

2 Billions in funding could kick-start the US battery components field
But though the money injection is a welcome boost for the sector, there is still a rocky street forward. (MIT Technologies Critique)

3 How a major ransomware group flew under the radar
Faculties and hospitals make up the bulk of their targets. (Wired $)

4 Inside of the increase and increase of China’s tech ambitions
Its immediate progress spooked the US ample to slap it with limits. (Bloomberg $)

5 No 1 is aware of why federal regulation enforcement kidnapped protestors in 2020
And there’s nonetheless no file of their arrests. (The Verge)

6 Nuclear fusion is completely ready for an picture overhaul
There’s been a whole good deal of hoopla, but development has been slow. (New Scientist $)
+ Maybe controlled chaos is the way ahead. (Inverse)

7 The conditioning field urgently needs a shakeup
It hardly ever provides on its promises of healthy living. (Neo.Life)
+ How do solid muscle tissue hold your mind healthier? (MIT Technological know-how Assessment)

8 TikTok is captivated by fast-food items employees
The clips give them a glimpse driving the scenes. (New Yorker $)
+ Authentic-estate brokers are acquiring associated, as well. (WSJ $)

9 We could by no means catch the worst chess cheats ♟️
Maybe we require to make our peace with it. (The Atlantic $)
+ Hans Niemann is suing Magnus Carlsen in the ongoing cheating row. (Motherboard)
+ I Was There When: AI mastered chess. (MIT Technology Review)

10 Instagram’s new anti-bullying measures may possibly basically work 
Nudges reminding end users to be type seem to have the ideal result. (Vox)

Quotation of the working day

“Like any physicist, I’m wholeheartedly from endorsing quantum mysticism, or just about anything with absolutely unfounded promises.”