June 18, 2024


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Selling Your Home? Here’s How Tech Can Help You


When it comes to selling your home, you’ll know that you have a long and sometimes stressful process ahead of you. Not only do you have to manage all of the administration and legal documents that come with purchasing your new home, but you also have to focus on getting the best possible deal for the home that you’re selling. Reaching potential buyers online, and having them come to see your house in person, can take time – and you want to leave them with the best impression possible so that you make money from your property. Here’s the technology that can help you do all this when you’re selling a home.

Images and Videos

When someone first comes across your home, it’s not going to be because they’ve stumbled across your property while driving or walking in your neighborhood. It’s far more likely that they’ll have found your property online on one of the many thousands of property websites. That means that the first impression that the majority of buyers will have of your property is through photos and videos that you’ve taken to show off the home that you’re selling.

It should go without saying that better photographs and videos tend to attract more visitors to your home – and can even attract higher bids as a result. So hiring a professional home photographer is an absolute must for your home – and a video tour can also be helpful, using 4K or high-quality video. Make sure you’ve edited the photographs to make them bright, airy, and attractive for the viewer. You can use photo and video editing software, much of it free online, to make your pictures and videos a little more sparkly and attractive before publishing them online.


As well as the photos of your home, you’ll also want to share a couple of paragraphs that explain what the house is like, where it’s situated, and some of the eye-catching features that it boasts. This copy is just as important as the pictures you share of your home, as it’ll help set the first impression of your home in the minds of the people who are interested in living in a property just like yours.

If you don’t have the cash to hire a professional copywriter to help you create a description of your home, consider using one of the technical writing solutions out there – something that’ll help your writing pop with energy while being grammatically correct. Use Grammarly to ensure you’re spelling words correctly, and use one of the many AI writing tools out there to see how you should phrase certain parts of your house-selling copy.

Floor Plans

Finally, an advert for a home will be greatly improved by the inclusion of a floor plan. This is the case whether you’re selling your home or you’re putting it up for rent: people would like to know what size each room is, and how they all come together in a total amount of floor space. Creating a floor plan used to be the preserve of those who have degrees in architecture and interior design, but in today’s world, it’s just as easy to actually create one yourself, using a technological solution.

Create a floor plan online, using some of the most sophisticated property software on the market, in order to generate impressive and professional-looking floor plans to help with the advert of your home. Make sure the details are accurate in order to avoid misleading potential buyers, who will likely want to verify your floor plan so that they can plan where furniture might go in the rooms of your home.

Price Evaluations

On your home advert, in your head, and in the minds of your property agents, is the price of your property. You’ll know full well what you purchased your property for, and you’ll likely also know the amount of investment you’ve pumped into your home since you bought it. For instance, you might have done up the kitchen for $20,000, which should all at least that value to the overall value of your home.

Then there’s the asking price. How do you decide what your asking price should be, given that the market for homes is often changing, and you’ll not be an expert in how pricing works? Well, it’s worth speaking with professionals in the industry to help you come down with a figure. But to cut a corner and to see for yourself how these prices tend to be generated, you can use online tools that crunch the numbers when it comes to the general trends in property prices in your area. That way, you’ll be able to come down on an asking price that’s realistic for your home.

Organisation and Logistics

Finally, selling your property and moving house can be stressful simply because of the number of tasks that you’ll have to complete in quick succession in order to uproot yourself from one home and settle into another. It can be tiring to plan all the paperwork and to simultaneously pack all of your belongings so that they’re ready to transport to your new home on the designated moving day. Some would say that stress is just a natural part of such a large operation – but in a world with planning and logistical technology, this might not be the case.

For instance, it’s easy to note down all of the tasks that you need to complete by using a Gantt chart or a similar interactive online planning matrix. You can assign tasks to family members, to your lawyer, or to handymen, family friends, and other people involved in your move. When they complete tasks, they become green on the system. This kind of software, which exists in various guises, can help you plan and execute the perfect house move, with all your paperwork and packing completed well ahead of the time you’ve been planning to move house.

Make use of these key tips for house movers and sellers so that you’ll be able to get the best possible deal on your home in 2022.


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