July 15, 2024


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Samsung reveals new Galaxy Z Flip 4 Luxury Box collab with Gigi by Gassan

Samsung reveals new Galaxy Z Flip 4 Luxury Box collab with Gigi by Gassan

samsung galaxy z flip 4 folded camera settings

Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • Samsung has partnered with Gigi by Gassan for a new Galaxy Z Flip 4.
  • The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will have a Pink Gold color.
  • It will be paired with a Gigi by Gassan bracelet that can be engraved.

Continuing its trend of fashion collaborations, Samsung has revealed that it has entered a partnership with Gigi by Gassan to release a Galaxy Z Flip 4 Luxury Box.

According to SamMobile, Samsung and Gigi by Gassan have created a Galaxy Z Flip 4 Luxury Box that will make an appearance at the Masters Expo in Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s considered one of Europe’s most exclusive business fairs. This year, the fair started yesterday December 8, and runs until December 12.

Included in the luxury box are a Galaxy Z Flip 4 and a fancy designer bracelet. While there’s nothing technologically different about the Galaxy Z Flip 4, it does come in an exclusive color — Pink Gold. As for the bracelet, it’s a gold Gigi by Gassan bracelet that includes two pendants that can be engraved to add a personal touch.

Pink Gold Galaxy Z Flip 4

Apparently, the luxury box was created exclusively for the Masters Expo and is being sold in limited quantities. So if you happen to be at the event, you better act quickly before the supply runs outs. For the rest of us, it looks like we’ll just have to be satisfied with the normal Galaxy Z Flip 4.

This is far from the first time Samsung has teamed up with a fashion brand. Previously, the Korean tech giant has joined forces with the likes of Lacoste, Maison Margiela, Prosto, and more. And it’s likely Samsung will continue to do these limited partnerships.