June 24, 2024


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Leverage SEO Copywriting to Make Your Business Viral

Simplifying SEO: Everything You Need To Know About SEO Copywriting

Want to be successful as a business owner offline and online? Well, Dignexus is here to provide you all that SEO content writing services are crucial to making it on the internet. SEO copywriting! What is it? Why will it be beneficial for your start-up? Well, the simplified answer would be, to leverage more and more people to your business and to make people aware of your start-up’s existence. 

Most people confuse SEO copywriting with traditional copywriting, but they are couldn’t be more wrong. SEO copywriting is an advanced form of copywriting as in it writer uses search engine friendly keywords. As easy as it sounds, it’s not that simple. Due to the constant updating of search engine rules, it’s getting harder and harder to come to the top of the SEO marketing game. But a well-crafted SEO copy can help a lot.

Website content writers can easily mark your new business at the top of your niches with high-quality SEO copywriting. A high-quality copywriting is the one that is written with the right keywords in the right numbers of repetitions.

How Would We Do It?

SEO copywriting is half art and half researching. Our team research the field to find out what’s trendy at the moment and then select a niche that will go with the niche of your business. And on that niche, the writer would write content by adding fitted keywords to make it SEO-friendly. The writing copy should also be appealing as nowadays people are getting more and more demanding also they have a short attention span as there are several other options available for them.

As you can see, the space of being creative and also being right with SEO strategies is tricky, but not impossible. It gets especially tough when you are trying to rank in Google as it conducts more than 63,000 every day. And we’ll make sure that your business would come in the first pages of the relevant searches. We use the latest SEO copywriting techniques and secrets for the betterment of your business ranking.

Conducting Shareable Contents

This generation is all about sharing and getting viral. Therefore, it will be foolish not to take full advantage of this new trend to the fullest. Using a social media marketing plan, the content will get the most value. We can encourage your customers to share your content with more people in order to get more potential customers. We will also add lots of pictures and colorful logos to make the content visually rich. If the content is catchy and intrigues them, then you also won’t have to urge them to share. In each content, we’ll make sure to include a “Share on Facebook and a “Click to Tweet” button to make it go popular among people.

Using Linking Strategy

To improve the authority of your website, backlinks will help a ton. But if your content has linked to a spammy website that is unrelated to your niche will not get you fruitful results. Therefore, connecting with an authentic website that will be similar to your website is vital. Interlinking is another great way to keep people engaged in your website. We’ll make sure to add each link to the appropriate keywords so that your website gets easier to crawl in search engines.

Keeping It Short and Engaging

As said above, the attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter each day, thus, creating a long easy will be all for naught. We provide you with content that is to the point but not too short to be missing vital information about your business. Many SEO content writing companies in India things that jotting down a 500-word article every now and then for a week will be enough for getting rank. But in reality, today’s SEO ranking demands something different. And that is writing down paragraphs that are concise and straightforward but also full of entertainment. If you are only going to present them dull and simple facts in some straight lines, why would people get attracted to your business? That’s why, it’s important to keep the fun alive with long-form articles, as Google prefers it.

Making It Mobile-Friendly

Let’s face it; people don’t really do most of the everyday scrolling on their PC or laptops any. As mobile is getting smarter and more compact each day, businesses have started to make themselves available on that small screen too. And that is what is needed to combat your competition. Providing mobile-responsive content that will scroll down and up smoothly will be more impactful in reaching more people through the social media sharing options too.

Ranking a start-up business might seem difficult but with the right tactic and skills, it can be done easily. Dignexus believes is an on-point approach, so that your business can grow more in less time.