May 19, 2024


Technological development

Internet in the Life of Modern Canadians


The study of the Internet audience revealed several key trends in the online behavior of Canadians. Let’s start with the main one. These are personal gadgets. Smartphones have become the go-to devices for today’s users, and most Canadians access the Internet via mobile phones. They not only scroll through social media feeds, but also perform all the popular actions that are more typical for desktops. Canadians search for any information on the Internet from smartphones as often as from computers and laptops. As well as watch online videos, buy necessary goods and services, listen to music, watch comedies or serials, and have a good time in an online live casino in Canada.

Canadians have become more demanding of mobile content. Most of the Internet audience will leave a mobile site if it loads for more than five seconds. And if users wait up to eight seconds, the probability of their exit from the portal increases to 97%.

Another interesting fact – the stereotype of the youthfulness of the online audience is a misleading one. Today, Canadians of different age groups use the Internet with enviable regularity. Sociologists say that 77% of Canadians over 60 go online every day.

Every day, more and more Canadians work from the comfort of their homes, in other words, remotely. It can be, for example, the provision of IT services or web development, and specialists in the field of Internet marketing are always in demand.

It is very important for Canadians and self-expression. They not only search for information on the Internet, but also create it themselves. Canadians always have a great opportunity to express themselves politically, artistically, verbally, socially, in a word, in any way they want. The Internet for them is the main forum where they can always discuss something or just express their opinion.

Due to the confidential and anonymous factor of the online environment, some Canadians use the Internet to seek help. They ask for help in the form of emotional support, medical help, legal advice, and simply listening to or reading other people’s problems and solutions.

Canadians also do not forget about online entertainment. Online live casinos always come to the rescue in this matter. The development of the online gambling market is associated, among other things, with the growing popularity of the Internet, in particular, mobile. Easier access to gaming platforms, the use of high technology, and improved user experience make mobile gambling more and more popular among Canadians every year.

Current legislation, and in particular the Criminal Code, indicates that operators that do not have a state license cannot accept bets online. But Canadians have access to foreign bookmakers, online casinos, online bingo rooms, poker rooms, and other gaming resources. Women in Canada, by the way, make up almost half of the country’s online players. Perhaps, online casinos for Canadians are a way to relax.


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