May 20, 2024


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How Digital Marketing Mogul Cameron Shu Turned His Failure Into Success


There is no successful person in this world who hasn’t failed at least once. People often consider failure as the opposite of success but, the fact is, failure is part of the journey toward success. The story of Digital Marketing Mogul Cameron Shu is a perfect example. The 25-year-old entrepreneur left a high-paying job only to run into heavy losses with his first company. Instead of regretting his decision, Cameron did a case study of his failure and started his company “Skyline Media”, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in the U.S.

The story of Cameron started after he obtained a Degree in Computer Science and landed a dream job at one of the renowned software companies in the U.S. He was drawing a salary that initially seemed like a fortune to Cameron as he could afford a spacious apartment in NYC. Gradually the boredom of a 9-to-5 job became unbearable. Starting an independent venture was the only way Cameron thought he could accomplish his financial goals.

Being a fashion enthusiast and having a fetish for footwear, Cameron decided to turn his passion into a business. With no experience in running a business and no one to guide him, Cameron started navigating the space alone. He knew for sure that if he could deliver the best products in the most reasonable price range then he would attract  many customers. After a couple of months, Cameron deduced he was wrong. The sales of his footwear company failed and led to severe losses. Cameron had no other way but to close the company.

The failure of his initial attempt at business became his most treasured knowledge. Cameron wanted to know why he failed when other companies were selling comparatively lower-quality sneakers at a higher rate. That’s when he discovered the power of digital marketing. It is about reaching your prospective customers and building credibility for your brand. Big brands never beg people to buy their products. They tailor the narrative in a way that makes people feel as if they are gainers if they make a purchase.

Cameron was fascinated by the concept of digital marketing. To gain an insight into the industry, he enrolled in online tutorials, watched YouTube videos, read books, and listened to podcasts. After a few months, Cameron founded “Skyline Media” which is currently a multi-million dollar company spinning 9 figures in annual revenue. With this explosive success, Cameron was listed in the “30 under 30” class of 2021 by Forbes. To date, Skyline Media has worked with over 500 companies and some of them are now globally renowned brands.

The goal of Skyline Media is to help small businesses grow by monetizing their presence on the internet. Cameron started the company to ensure small businesses do not suffer losses as his first venture did. Cameron has stayed true to his ideology helping businesses scale from zero to 8 figures in a year. He wants to continue this journey in the coming years and expand the reach of Skyline Media beyond Canada and the U.S.


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