May 20, 2024


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How Can a Social Media Marketing Company Manage Google Ads for my Clients?

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According to a survey conducted by Clutch of 1030 consumers across the U.S. on digital marketing strategies, 90% of people reported that advertisements positively influenced their purchase decisions. Google Ads is emerging as the most popular choice among business companies who opt for PPC Advertising.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an oft-preferred paid advertising model where companies whose ads get displayed pay only when a user specifically clicks on those ads. While there are other platforms for running PPC campaigns, Google Ads offers some of the most effective marketing tools for increasing brand awareness and boosting sales by driving website traffic and influencing purchases. According to Social Media Marketing Agency Columbus, PPC Advertisement is increasingly proving itself as a breakthrough in digital marketing.

Here are five ways in which a professional social media marketing company can manage Google Ads for your clients and convert prospective customers:

●    Choosing the Correct String of Keywords

It is important to research keywords for a particular advertising campaign because keywords trigger your ad to appear in related search results. The correct combination of keywords targeted at potential customers can rapidly boost sales because your ad will then appear before users who are already searching with the mind to purchase a product.

Long-tail keywords, or keywords containing three or more words, have proven to be most effective as they drive qualified leads. Also, weed out irrelevant keywords and add them to your list of negative keywords.

For example, if you assign keywords as “Furniture Store” or simply “Furniture,” it can appear in the search results of even those who are looking to build furniture perhaps and not necessarily purchase furniture. On the other hand, if you assign the keyword grouping as “Furniture Store in Harrisburg, PA,” it will attract customers who are definitely looking to purchase furniture in a specified geographical location. According to the experienced team members of Social Media Agency Columbus Ohio, this makes your search more targeted in nature and yields more effective results in converting customers.

Moreover, the Google Search Items under the keywords tab in Google Ads show you precisely what the person performing the clicking was searching for. Analyzing these searches and modifying your keywords set accordingly will help you determine if your keyword string yields optimal clicks and shows up under relevant search results.

●    Fixing a Budget and Finalising a Bid Amount

Setting a budget and having a financial plan beforehand is essential not to exhaust all your resources. Fix an account according to the standing of your company to not incur losses even before properly launching your services in the digital market. You will be required to set a maximum bid, which is the maximum amount you are willing to pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

There are many bidding strategies available that can maximize conversion within the scope of your preferred set budget. In this competitive market against rival companies, it is essential to put sufficient thought into the process of bidding and finance. An experienced Social Media Marketing Agency will navigate the complex pathways to obtain optimal clicks for your campaign within a limited budget.

●    Creating a Customized Landing Page

It is crucial to create relevant, customized landing pages to engage users who have clicked on a particular advertisement.

Your landing page is a direct follow-up of your advertisement. The advertisement should lead to a landing page designed to provide more information on the product displayed in the ad. If clicking on an ad gets a customer to your company’s homepage, it can prove to be a massive turn-off for the customer as it provides no pertinent information regarding their desired product. Instead, they are left to scavenge for their product details amidst a horde of unrelated information.

PPC Agency Columbus rightly observes that setting up an appealing ad campaign and fixing a high bid will not yield anything unless the landing page can engage the needs of the users, address their queries about the details of the product displayed in the ad, and provide relevant information about the nature of the products and services.

●    Monitoring Campaigns and Ad Placements

You can use Google ads to monitor how an ad is performing and whether it leads up to sales. For example, suppose you are using a google search campaign to advertise the country. In that case, you can get data pertaining to which locations lead to the most number of clicks and impressions and which locations are barely responding to your advertisement, marketing a specific product or service. With such data, you can evaluate the demand for a product in a particular geographical area and execute more focused marketing in those areas to guarantee sales.

Alternatively, suppose a particular location results in many clicks and impressions and generates traffic to your website but not converting customers or leading up to sales. In that case, you can choose to eliminate that location from the list of places where your ad shows up. With the availability of such specific data, expertise can be sought from Columbus PPC Company to make better use of your Google Ads campaign and predict sales almost certainly. It is imperative to keep track of where your advertising is succeeding and where it is falling short.

Targeted Campaign yields Solid Results.

Google Ads allows you to practice specific targeting according to devices, geography, and time. Generally speaking, mobile traffic generates lower sales conversion than desktop traffic. If such is the case, you can permanently disable mobile targeting to make your campaigns more profitable.

Geographic targeting allows you to target users ranging from an entire country all the way down to specific zip codes. As already discussed, you can monitor your cost per conversion to assess which locations are most profitable and discard sites that prove to be unprofitable.

Campaign performances usually vary with factors such as time of the day and day of the week. For example, a restaurant is bound to bring in more sales during lunch and dinner hours than during other random hours of the day. So the restaurant can scale down bids during hours that are unlikely to generate sales. Professionals at Social Media Marketing Agency Columbus are adept at executing skilled targeting to boost brand awareness and convert prospective customers through minimum expense.


Managing your Google Ads account to display relevant campaigns and boost sales requires sufficient attention and dedicated hard work. It provides ample possibility of adequately marketing your product to the end of positively generating customer conversion. Still, it also requires knowledge of the mechanisms that are highly specialized to carry out individual functions. By entrusting the work to a deft Social Media Marketing Agency, your business will flourish and scale progressively upwards.