Explore the Phases of Wavemaker Rapid Application Development RAD Model

Lisa H. Shelton

The rapid Application Development Model is also referred to as RAD. This kind of model is incremental. The components or functionalities in the RAD approach are done concurrently as though they were small projects. The developments are provided in time boxes, put together to make a functional prototype, and then tested.

This can enable the customer to immediately view and utilize something, as well as to make feedback on the supply and their needs.

Phases of RAD Model:

RAD Model for Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model should comprise the following phases:

The rapid application development (RAD) model contains the following phases:

Information flow between different business operations is identified through business analysis.

Data modeling:

If you want to define the data objects required by the business, get the information obtained via business modeling is used.

Process modeling:

In order to fulfill the business information flow and some specific business objectives, data objects defined as representing data are converted. For CRUD of data items, appropriate descriptions are found and created.

Application generation:

Processes are transformed into code and the actual system using automated techniques.

Testing and turnover:

Test all of the interfaces and new parts.

Benefits of the RAD model include:

•        A shorter development period.

•        Improves the reusability of parts

•        Rapid initial inspections take place

Promoting Community client feedback

The following are some disadvantages of the RAD model:

•        It Depends on the effective team and individual achievements to determine business requirements.

•        RAD can only be used in the original way that can be made modular.

•        Requires highly qualified designers and developers.

•        High dependency on modeling expertise

•        Completely irrelevant to projects with limited costs due to the high expense of modeling and automated code production.

When to use the RAD model:

•        When it’s necessary to design a system that can be modularized in two to three months.

•        It should be employed if there is wide flexibility of modelers and the budget is sufficient to cover both the cost of automated code generation tools and their fees.

•        The RAD SDLC methodology should only be used if there have been resources with extensive business expertise available and a pressing need to develop the system quickly (2-3 months).

Final Verdict:

One method for writing software is called Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model Production, or RAD (you can also read more about agile RAD development.) Less long-term preparation is involved in the business, and the developer’s flexibility is given more attention.

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