July 15, 2024


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Electroplating Makes 3D-Printed Star Wars Prop Shine

Electroplating Makes 3D-Printed Star Wars Prop Shine

3D printing is known for generating parts with a relatively average end at very best. Even the smoothest resin prints are even now fairly plasticky and uninteresting in visual appeal. Having said that, it’s achievable to do substantially far better if you get resourceful with electroplating. This thermal detonator prop from [HEN3DRIK] exhibits just how great a 3D print can seem with a tiny write-up-processing and some chemical aid.

[HEN3DRIK] started out with a Star Wars thermal detonator product identified on line, and printed it in resin for the finest attainable floor end from the get go. The areas were cleaned after printing and cured, as for each common resin processing methods. From there, fine metal wool and sandpaper was made use of to make the print as clean as feasible. A conductive layer of copper paint was then sprayed on with an airbrush, with mating surfaces masked off to prevent ruining the healthy.

The element was then dunked in an acidic copper tub while hooked up to a power supply, and gently rotated throughout the electroplating method. The benefits have been exceptional, resulting in around-mirror complete copper-plated areas after polishing. Nickel was then plated on top rated to get the prop to the correct silver shade. The prop was at last then assembled with an Arduino Nano inside of to operate quite a few LEDs for visual outcome.

Electroplating isn’t just for building things quite. It can also increase energy to your 3D prints, far too! Movie right after the break.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=ywPi1osy7o8

[Thanks to Keith Olson for the tip!]