Dog Copying Owner Going Down Stairs After Ankle Break Delights Internet

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A dog has gone viral for mocking its injured owner while going down the stairs, and the internet is having a right good laugh.

In a video posted by the dog’s owner, who goes by the username Ash_laughs, on TikTok, the dog can be seen going down the stairs very slowly, imitating the owner’s movements, after seeing her struggling to get downstairs, due to a leg injury.

The post—which was shared by Ash_laughs on Tuesday—has so far reached over 697,000 likes, 2,900 comments and 26,500 reshares.

While a broken leg is not contagious, a yawn certainly is. According to research by the American Kennel Club, the sound of a human yawn can trigger one from your dog. And it’s four times as likely to happen when it’s the yawn of a person he knows.

dog and owner
A stock image shows a dog spending time with its owner. A dog has gone viral for apparently mocking its owner trying to come downstairs with an injured foot, leaving the internet in stitches.
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The same study also found that about forty-five percent of U.S. dogs sleep in their owner’s bed, and all of them dream, but puppies and senior dogs dream more frequently than adult dogs.

Most users loved the dog’s sense of humor and/or empathy.

Letishatisha said: “I’m in love with that cautious handsome dog.” B**cha** added: “This is so sweet and so funny.”

Another user, Sloppyjane commented: “He doesn’t know why we don’t trust the stairs anymore, but he’s supportive.”

And AnaMaria Ammv joked: “Dog: there’s something fishy! I must go down slowly as she does.” Trash Ketchum said: “Mom doesn’t trust you, neither do I, no funny business.”

Other users shared their similar stories with their own funny pets. didi gilmartin wrote: “Had a friend on crutches, her dog started limping, $300 vet bill later, dog is sympathy limping.”

Diane wrote: “I broke my leg. My cat and dog both do the same thing. I feel like they are mocking me.”

Another user, plzwelcomeexp_626 said: “When we had a baby last year our dog started to tip toe through the house at night, it kills me every time.” And Lily added: “Oh my gosh! I had gallbladder surgery in January and we have kind of steep stairs. My cat STILL walks down the stairs all weird. I’m not alone.”

Aster joked: “The dogs just like, damn not taking any chances lmao.”

And Jeff the Cat said: “Dog is like I don’t know what she’s trying to tell us, but these stairs are HIGHLY suspect.”

Kat told the dog owner: “He’s either empathizing or making fun of you.” Nikita Turner said: ” I, too, have broken my foot wrist.”

Another user, ML Macfarlane, commented: “The stairs are obviously broken to him.” Kahlelly L joked: “mommy says the stairs are evil now.”

I’mDiana pointed out: “Me, an empath, sensing that your dog is an empath.” Another user, janiceflaherty commented: “lol..sorry for broken ankle but your dog just stole my heart.”

And Chickpeapeeler said: “LMFAO he is not gonna risk it, if you’re that careful it’s cos those stairs must be dangerous.”

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