Is computer monitoring necessary in this digital world?

Lisa H. Shelton

Is computer monitoring necessary in this digital world?

Computer monitoring is an area that asks for more and more concentration. It has many benefits in many capacities for the different target audiences. The most suitable domain where it can pose significant aids is employee and kids monitoring. 

Nowadays, parents and employers are having problems while managing their target users in many ways.

Challenges of the digital world for parents 

Kids in the digital world are more vulnerable to external challenges and threats. They are more and more approached by the criminals because connecting and communication have gone far convenient with the turnaround in communication dynamics. 

  • Cyber bullying
  • Blackmailing for unlawful gains
  • Sex offending
  • Cyber predating

This way, the issues of criminal activities on the kids have got the rise. The sources of these activities are the internet, social media, and other communication platforms that serve as the facilitating medium in these scenarios. 

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