December 3, 2023


Technological development

Is computer monitoring necessary in this digital world?

Computer monitoring is an area that asks for more and more concentration. It has many benefits in many capacities for the different target audiences. The most suitable domain where it can pose significant aids is employee and kids monitoring. 

Nowadays, parents and employers are having problems while managing their target users in many ways.

Challenges of the digital world for parents 

Kids in the digital world are more vulnerable to external challenges and threats. They are more and more approached by the criminals because connecting and communication have gone far convenient with the turnaround in communication dynamics. 

  • Cyber bullying
  • Blackmailing for unlawful gains
  • Sex offending
  • Cyber predating

This way, the issues of criminal activities on the kids have got the rise. The sources of these activities are the internet, social media, and other communication platforms that serve as the facilitating medium in these scenarios. 

A large number of unverified users over social networks pave the way for cybercriminals to stalk kids; they try to get into the close network of the kids, look to identify their secrets, and then exploit them for unlawful gains. 

Adding insult to injury, kids do not share these harassment issues with parents due to the fear of reputation and credibility loss. 

Challenges of the digital world for employers

Employers’ more pressing concerns regarding business progress are employee productivity and cyber threats. 

The excessive use of social media is also a noteworthy concern for employers. The negligent use of business computers over insecure platforms and websites act as a medium for cyber criminals to get into the business computer and stealing sensitive and confidential information. 

  • Productivity related matters
  • Cyber threats and attacks
  • Protection of business secrets

A number of cases are reported where employees share the business secrets with the competitors out of their personal differences grudges with the employers. So, this can pose serious implications to the business and need to be addressed in true spirit for business progress. 

Using computer monitoring software – Theonespy

Employers and parents look for a comprehensive solution to their problem, which can live up to their expectations and needs. 

The best solution for their problems is the use of computer monitoring software that can track and record all the activities over the target computer. 

Theonespy mobile tracker app is considered as the best computer monitoring service out of many that are available for parents and employers. 

Theonespy – Salient features 

Website blocking feature

The feature has great significance for parents and employers. The employer can block specific websites that are prone to have the presence of cyber criminals. The specific URLs can be blocked to protect the computer devices from any potential harm.

In the same way, websites having inappropriate, sexually explicit and sensitive content can be blocked for access by the child. Moreover, online dating websites can also be blocked for the ultimate good of the kid.

Screen recording feature

The screen recording feature of the mobile tracker app allows the parent to know the real-time whereabouts and pattern of computer usage by the child. The live screen activities can be recorded and saved in the form of short clips to the online portal of the monitoring software. 

The employer can view the performance of employees using the same feature. If employees are involved in unproductive activities, the employer can block these unproductive tabs and can take necessary actions. 

Surround recording feature

It allows the parent and employer to record surround activities and sounds at any point of time. The software bugs the MIC or front or back camera of the computer to get insights into all the real-time whereabouts around the child and employee. 

Social media apps tracking

All the communication taking place over social networking apps can be tracked and monitored using this feature of monitoring software. The individual and group chats, voice notes exchanged, images and videos shared can be actively monitored without any hassle and inconvenience. 


The keylogger identifies the password of all the installed apps on the target computer.


The threats of using digital networks are discussed for the kids and employees. The best way to cope with these threats is to use computer monitoring software, and the best in this aspect is Theonespy. 

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