June 24, 2024


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The Gospel on writing a great guest post for your link building campaign!

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When we talk about the internet, we talk about content that is there over the internet. The content that takes not much time to write, but huge time to get ranked. But how does it get ranked higher? What makes one piece of an article better and be ranked over the other one? Although there are many reasons for it, but one primest of the primes is the content quality. Content is king and will be going to rule a whole lot of years in the future. If you do not want to write content by yourself, says Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency is your answer Otherwise, if you are writing content for yourself or as a guest post, then here is how to do it.

Here is how you must write a guest post so it speaks to people and helps your domain reach novel peaks on SERP!

Tips on how to write a Guest Post for Link Building!

First thing is to come to terms with what a Guest Post is. A guest post is any post that you write for a website except your own. But why would you write for someone else? In an attempt to gain inbound links for your own website. This helps both parties. At the first place, it creates an inbound link for you, and at other, it gives them the content.

However, the purpose of a Guest Post is not link building alone, if written well it can be a great gateway to attract people inside your domain and then make them buy your products and services. Says Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency, all of them, keep this in mind while writing content for a guest post.

So, now you know the importance of a Guest Post. Here is how you should write a guest post.

Choosing the right topic!

You cannot reach a politician with a right-wing philosophy and offer him a great speech on left-wing politics. It just does not work. When making an offer to someone, make sure it is something that can be of some value to that person.

When writing Guest Post, make sure you are writing for their audience and not your audience, otherwise, they won’t accept your post. Now, you’d be asking why would we write for someone else’s audience. Very correct! This is why we have the next tip for you.

Write for a website that is in your own niche!

The first tip was that you must write a guest post for the audience of the website you would be writing for. The next tip is to choose a website that has the same audience as your own. This way you’ll ensure that people will possibly be coming from there to your own to seek something valuable.

For example, if you deal in wine glasses then you must write guest posts for a company that makes wine. Or you can write for a website handled by a gourmet. Write a post about how you must drink a glass of wine to make an impact.

But, how do you search for a website that is looking for guest posts? There is a simple way to do it. Simply type the keyword or topic that you want to write on followed by generic requests for guest posts. Here are a few examples for the topic body care,

Body care “submit a guest post”

Try replacing “submit a guest post with”, with other generic requests like ‘guest post’, ‘accepting guest post’, ‘write for us’, etc. You will get a list of websites on SERP that you can reach through an Outreach email.

Another way is to look for websites that you wish had linked to you and approach them with a great piece of outreach mail and article. Or if you want some help, suggests Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency should be sought.

Choose a catchy headline!

We are not telling you to lie, we are telling you to be creative. You must choose a headline that is catchy and that can easily make a person click on it. It has to have the capacity to hypnotize people and make them unable to resist clicking on the link.

For example, if you are writing an article on safety tips while traveling in a plane, give a title like, “Are you sure you are traveling safely in an airplane?” The general idea that prevails in the world is to create a gap in their knowledge and make them curious.

Give a structure to your content!

Giving structure to the content does not only help in guiding the readers but it also helps Google or other search engines understand your content well. This helps them rank your content on the SERP. The better the structure the better the chances of it getting ranked. Furthermore, with the Passage Ranking Update being around, you would now be able to give your passages a chance to get ranked, even if your whole article is not ranking.

Write content that is beautiful and interactive!

You would not want to write a piece of article that is just plain boring stuff. Nobody loves reading a bunch of sentences that seem to have come straight away from some software. We love dialogues; we love narration. This is the way we feel alive. Use imagery in your article so people imagine the very while they read. They must feel your sentences and know their mind must evoke colorful firecrackers, their skin must feel the cold breeze, their eyes must sparkle with delight, and their heart must pound. Hook them emotionally and they’ll remember your brand name for a very very long. It is basic human nature.

Another thing that you can try is to write on topics that are trending. This way you will have more chances to grab a big chunk of the market.

Create the landing pages that speak!

Guest post is not your end, your product or service is. Consider guest posts to be a bait. No, really! Consider it to be a bait that will guide your potential customers on a landing page. A landing page is like a bridge that will speak to your customers about why they must buy a certain product or service. Check out the many examples of landing pages out there and choose one that best fits you. Says Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency takes great care about the landing pages. They are like the final pitch that can either pull in the customers or repel them away.

If you have no idea of how to code, we suggest you check out some web development agency.

And once you have all these things ready, it is time to create a great outreach email. It will help you offer your content to the websites you want to link to. Know that there must always be some value for them, otherwise, you’ll end up losing it all.

If you find all these things to be too much, then we suggest you look for an SEO agency. We suggest you check Digital White Labels (Link Building Agency). Click here to know more about Digital White Labels Services. Know that the path is too harsh that you’ll need professional help if you want to rank higher on SERP. And at last, try to make the internet a great place by providing something of quality and value.