Social Media Reacts to 76ers’ Joel Embiid’s Game-Winner Vs. Raptors – NBC New York

Jaime E. Love


Sixers fans’ reactions to Embiid’s shot are just perfect originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Joel Embiid is so limitlessly incredible, he has the ability to break the internet on and off the court.

On Wednesday night Embiid, the best player in the NBA, drained an outrageous overtime three-pointer to put the Raptors to sleep in Game 3. It was an impeccable shot in a gigantic moment.

In case you somehow missed it, here’s one more look:

Absolutely bananas. What a basketball player.

And as folks all over the Delaware Valley lost their collective minds in bars and living rooms, throwing things and probably saying some swear words, Twitter was also just complete chaos:

Those are all so good, just perfect encapsulations of Wednesday’s ludicrous game. 

The Sixers had no right to be in this game after truly brutal performances, much less win the game in such triumphant fashion.

And yet!

They have the league’s best player, and when you have the league’s best player you can win games you should never win.

And you can send a fanbase into the stratosphere.

What a night.


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