June 24, 2024


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How Is The Azure Cache For Redis Boosting The Ecommerce Business?

NET Core — How to use Redis Cache to boost application performance | by  saurabh dasgupta | Medium


Caching technology has not only eased the lives of developers and startup enterprises, but it has also created a massive impact in the ecommerce industry. With the integration of state-of-the-art caching technology in ecommerce platforms, the websites perform much better than traditional servers without caching capabilities. With the Redis server innovationan in-memory, cache-enabled data store, latencies in processing user requests by ecommerce platforms can be solved quickly. Also, the server comes endowed with the cutting-edge Redis cache that reduces server load and minimizes its resource consumption. 

Why does the ecommerce business require caching technology big time?

RAM is one of the most indispensable aspects of each server. Since ecommerce business sites do several transactions on an hourly basis or even daily, they have to spend many resources in purchasing RAM to upgrade their infrastructure and support the constant rail of user requests that land in their laps. Even an idle website server receives more than 10k user requests every minute!

Every ecommerce website should look flawless and does not take ages to load. The ecommerce business model thrives on good-looking websites that load pages and process transactions effortlessly. So, the owner of any ecommerce company needs to spend tons of resources and money on buying RAM and CPUs for the website servers to retain the customers on his website and effortlessly load the pages and complete transactions. Once these are done efficiently, only then will there be a profit. 

Azure Redis cache for ecommerce business:

Microsoft and Redis Enterprise’s partnership has resulted in the Azure cache for Redis that is simplifying the ecommerce business extensively. If any ecommerce owner is spending millions behind making his systems robust with extra RAM and CPUs, he loses out on the profit margins. But when you are using the Azure Redis cache based on the open-source software, you can upscale profitably. 

Redis server windows are also possible with the various 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and hence compatibility is not a problem. 

The Azure Redis cache is also helpful to provide you with a secure and dedicated caching technology for your ecommerce platform that Microsoft flawlessly manages. It is also accessible from any native Azure application. Once you receive the Azure cache’s power for Redis, you will receive several benefits, including the following. 

  • The amount of purchasing the RAMs and CPUs and the total cost of hosting the servers will get minimized. 
  • The server uptime will increase. It will provide you with application stability. 
  • It will result in a massive number of users purchasing products and completing transactions successfully within your website, thus helping you achieve your targets. 

How does the Azure cache for Redis perform the caching action for ecommerce platforms?

Redis windows hosting is possible on various servers and even serverless frameworks with nodejs and python. But there are some unique features of the Azure cache which help your business perform better. 

  • The Redis server is an immensely efficient key-value store that supports various data types’ atomic interactions and actions. Therefore, storing user data is not a problem with the Azure Redis cache. In this way, the ecommerce platform will highlight the user’s preference and remember it for future transactions, thereby improving the speed of the transactions and the user experiences. 
  • Superfast non-blocking first synchronization and auto-reconnection on the net split are some of the most critical features of the Azure Redis cache that makes it trivial for setup and improve the master-subordinate replication. 
  • Another important feature is that the Azure Redis Cache helps you update the cache values without retrieving items from the cache. It also creates an excellent user interaction and user experience. 

The Azure Redis cache pricing is based on the following tiers.

  • The Basic tier is a single-node, without SLA, and ideal for development or testing and non-critical workloads.
  • The Standard tier makes a replicated cache available with two primary/secondary configurations managed by Microsoft and a highly available SLA.
  • The Premium tier adds on to the previous two tiers’ standard functionalities by providing better performance to more extensive and more critical workloads. Disaster recovery and enhanced security are also some of the added advantages. 
  • The Enterprise and the Enterprise Flash tiers are ideal for organizations that are willing to upscale efficiently. 

Hence, if you are running an ecommerce business, get ready to embrace the power of the Azure Cache for Redis and perform wonders!