Decoding Building Tech: A Strategy to Make Technology Work for You

Jaime E. Love
Geiger: “CRE technology also presents tremendous opportunity: additional revenue, improved tenant experience, cost and risk reduction.”

The intersection between commercial real estate and technology is rapidly expanding as buildings become increasingly “smart” and contain more computerized systems and networks.  From connectivity and cellular coverage, to building management and security systems, to elevators, parking management, digital signage and more—the web of technology in your building can be quick to overwhelm.   Building technology is creating administrative headaches, incurring unforeseen costs, and exposing property owners and occupiers to cyber security risk. This is compounded by a communication gap between CRE professionals and technology providers.  Most of us can’t speak tech and our technicians can’t speak CRE, resulting in frustration, inefficiency and unnecessary expense.  But CRE technology also presents tremendous opportunity: additional revenue, improved tenant experience, cost and risk reduction. Owners, investors, and asset managers can minimize tech challenges and seize opportunities by developing

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The 6 Biggest Technology Trends In Accounting And Finance

Jaime E. Love

The explosion in data that has launched the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era when business will be transformed by cyber-physical systems, has enabled several technology trends to develop. Every business can leverage these important trends and should pay attention to how best to use them, but accountants should really evaluate how these six technologies can be used strategically to achieve the company’s business strategy.  

1. Big Data

Data is crucial to make business financial decisions. Today, data isn’t just numbers and spreadsheets that accountants have been familiar with for years; it also includes unstructured data that can be analyzed through natural language processing. This can allow for real-time status monitoring of financial matters. Data is the fuel that powers other technology trends that are transforming finance and accounting in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Even the audit process has

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Inclusive Technology Is The Future Of Work

Jaime E. Love

Never before has the future of work felt so unpredictable. Regardless of the industry, organizations are either rising or falling to the challenge of continuing to work remotely, reshaping company infrastructure and culture in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, and navigating the economic state of emergency.

One of the ways in which leaders can acknowledge these tectonic shifts is far simpler than one might assume; it is time to talk about DUI Attorney in Tampa the future of work as one that will be different than ever before.

Many leaders ranging from realist to optimist call this period a crux for opportunity – a period of deconstructed norms to rebuild a better, more modern, more equitable way to work. I tend to agree, but pay close attention to the wins around which future goals are set. A

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Hong Kong launches share index of technology giants

Jaime E. Love

The Hang Seng TECH Index went live on Monday and includes internet giant Alibaba.Image copyright
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A new share index focused on China’s technology giants has been launched by Hong Kong’s stock market.

The Hang Seng Tech Index went live on Monday and includes internet giants such as Tencent, Alibaba and

It will feature 30 of the largest tech firms listed in Hong Kong, which are among the world’s biggest companies.

The new index comes as Chinese tech firms face greater scrutiny in the US, with many looking at listings in both Hong Kong and China.

Jack Ma, the billionaire founder book profits of Alibaba, recently announced plans to list its affiliate financial arm Ant Group in Hong Kong.

Alibaba, NetEase and are three tech giants that have recently listed in Hong Kong amid growing tensions between the US and China. They are included in the new Hang Seng Tech Index.

The Ant Group is described as the world’s most

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