July 23, 2024


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Best Free Apps to Have on Your iPhone

Best Free Apps to Have on Your iPhone

Best Free Apps to Have on Your iPhone


With the right apps on your phone, you may be able to do almost everything
from finding recipes to wellness unpacking and photo and video editing. If you
have an iPad or iPhone, you can access one of the world’s most excellent
selections of apps on their store. Finding the best free
iPhone apps on their sea of
apps is difficult. Going through a million apps may be stressful as much as
the price tag is zero. Unfortunately, a significant portion may not be
worthwhile for downloads. Besides, downloading any app may impact your iPhone
usage and storage capacity. The excellent news is that you can
trade in your iPhone if you
have issues with your phone’s storage space. Therefore, you may replace it and
get one that won’t have issues with the app usage and has better storage
capacity. So, how do you even start to pick the best apps for your iPhone?
This article aims to educate you on some of the best apps for your iPhone,
including wellness applications, podcast and radio apps, music players, etc.

Let’s dive in!


If you’re a sucker for adventure, AllTrails is a must-have iPhone app. With
the app installed, you won’t struggle to look for biking, running, and hiking
paths.  The AllTrails app is one of the apps you can’t afford to miss on
your iPhone. It offers valuable information on more than 200 000 hand-curated
map trails worldwide. When using the app, you’ll know the degree of
difficulty, length, and elevation. So before starting your adventure
escapades, you’ll know what to expect on each trail you take. Moreover, most
users always post images of trails and feedback that might be valuable for
other users. And if you love hiking with your kids and dogs, you’ll get to
know if a path is a kid or pet-friendly before starting your hike. So
adventurers will find this app a must-have in their iPhones.

#2 Venmo

Going out with your friends and family may be fun until you get short of
finances. The Venmo app has the potential to make things easier for you when
you’re out with your friends. You can use Venmo easily to send money to your
loved ones straight from your iPhone. When you send money using Venmo, the
recipient’s account will receive it and be able to withdraw from their bank.
You don’t need to worry about cash when you have a Venmo account. The app
allows you to send money as long as you have a Venmo balance. Venmo balance
will add the payments you get from friends, and you can use that money to make
payments. Moreover, the app will come in handy when you try to divide a bill
with pals or when you don’t have a credit card. Venmo is an excellent iPhone
app, as it will always come to the rescue when you need it. 

#3 Overcast


You can use the iOS app Overcast by Marco Ament if you’re a podcaster. The
application combines a simple user interface with powerful audio and podcast
management tools. In addition to having excellent audio capabilities, the
software easily handles episode downloads and playbacks. It can also alert
users when new episodes are available. Also, it allows offline or streaming
listening if you want to preserve some space. Its Voice Boost feature
automatically amplifies quiet voices while muting loud ones to balance the
sound levels. Another valuable feature of the Overcast app is the Smart
Speed option. It can cut over blanks and quiet in the podcast with
intelligence. Additionally, it can speed up playback without causing audio


So many times, you will find yourself in situations where you need to watch
TV, but the environment isn’t conducive. For instance, the TV sound could be
on mute, or the background noise could be too loud, making it impossible to
hear. The Tunity App can help you solve this nightmare. If you have the app,
you can quickly scan the TV screen, and the software will transmit the TV
audio directly to your phone, making it easy for you to listen using your
headphones. This is an amazing iPhone app that is excellent in extra noisy
places. You can leverage it if you’re watching a game and the people next to
you won’t stop talking. Tunity seems like a genius iPhone app that everyone
will find valuable. 


If you want to learn a new language and have no budget set aside for it, then
DuoLingo is your go-to app. This valuable educational tool offers free and
brief courses to aid users in learning new languages. This is an effective and
affordable way to learn a new language, provided you install the app on your
iPhone. It has more than 35 languages available for study, from Spanish to
Japanese. Moreover, the app also provides a variety of minigames and brief
courses to help you increase your vocabulary and comprehension. This app is
the go-to if you don’t want the pressure of grades or fear of failure. It
allows you to learn a foreign language at your own pace. DuoLingo is one of
the best free apps iPhone users can leverage.

Clue Menstrual Tracker

Most women and people with uteruses like to track their menstrual health. So
finding a free and effective menstrual app sounds like a goldmine. Clue is
one of the most amazing period tracker apps for iPhone users. To better
understand their menstrual health, users need to keep track of their
menstrual cycles and record information about their symptoms. The app will
use the data to forecast users’ period cycle. Most times, the app will give
accurate predictions on when your periods will arrive, likely symptoms, and
their severity. It’s safe to say you can trust the app when planning a
vacation or a weekend gateway to celebrate a special event. This will ensure
you won’t receive your menstrual periods while away. According to its 333.6k
ratings, most users find it so helpful. 


If you love listening to the radio, you can download the TuneIn app on your
iOS device since you can’t limit listening to the radio only in your
car.  The app is helpful since it offers choices for all genres, moods,
and activities. Besides, you can access over 100,000 radio stations from
different nations. 

Moreover, installing the app on your iPhone lets you stay up-to-date on the
latest news. The app also supports podcasts. Imagine you get all these
amazing features for free.