July 18, 2024


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Tesla Could Release New HD Radar in 2023 to Improve Self-Driving – Review Geek

Tesla Could Release New HD Radar in 2023 to Improve Self-Driving – Review Geek

Is Tesla readying new hardware capable of FSD?

car sensors checking for collisions around it.

Earlier this year, Tesla moved away from radar sensors in its cars in favor of cameras, or “Tesla Vision,” but now it looks like high-end HD radar systems could return in 2023.

The company registered a new high-resolution radar system with the FCC in June. Then, Elon Musk stated Tesla’s full self-driving technology would arrive “this year,” which didn’t happen. And now, the latest reports suggest Tesla is looking for an extension on its radar technology, as it’s not ready for public knowledge or release.

Dating back to 2016, we’ve seen Tesla claim that its vehicles have all the hardware necessary for full self-driving, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The company went away from radar sensors and added more cameras to newer vehicles. Now it looks like Tesla is flip-flopping on that idea, and radar technology is good enough that Elon Musk wants to put them on whatever car is coming next.

Tesla believes its “Tesla Vision” camera system is all it needs for FSD, where cameras can act like human eyes and AI software can make decisions. But now, newly leaked documents on Twitter suggest the real answer could also include high-resolution radar systems, which could be coming in early 2023.

While we still don’t know much at this point, it’s clear that a new radar system is on the way. And with recent reports and rumors of a redesigned Tesla Model 3 in the works, there’s a good chance we’ll see an updated car with all-new radar and self-driving capabilities shortly.

Tesla vehicles currently come with self-driving computers, also known as hardware 3.0 (HW3.0), but there’s a chance the extension on this unreleased product is part of HW4.0 and the next step for full self-driving technology.

We’re not sure if older vehicles will be able to use the same software with older hardware or if Tesla could offer free upgrades on existing cars. Either way, it looks like something new is on the horizon. We’ll update you once we learn more.

via Electrek