Inclusive Technology Is The Future Of Work

Jaime E. Love

Never before has the future of work felt so unpredictable. Regardless of the industry, organizations are either rising or falling to the challenge of continuing to work remotely, reshaping company infrastructure and culture in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, and navigating the economic state of emergency.

One of the ways in which leaders can acknowledge these tectonic shifts is far simpler than one might assume; it is time to talk about DUI Attorney in Tampa the future of work as one that will be different than ever before.

Many leaders ranging from realist to optimist call this period a crux for opportunity – a period of deconstructed norms to rebuild a better, more modern, more equitable way to work. I tend to agree, but pay close attention to the wins around which future goals are set. A

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What is telehealth? How technology is improving the future of medicine

Jaime E. Love
Telehealth is the practice of medicine using technology.
Telehealth is the practice of medicine using technology.


Technology isn’t just for video games and social media. It can also give you access to important services, like medical aid. With telehealth, you’re able to check in with healthcare professionals from the comfort of your own home, and that’s just the start. 

Here’s why telehealth is deemed by many as the future of health care — and how you can make the most of all these digital services to stay healthy and safe. 

Table of Contents

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the remote access of health care services with telecommunications technology, such as computers and mobile devices. 

There are many services that fall under telehealth, but the one you’re most likely to use is called telemedicine. 

The difference between telehealth and telemedicine

Telemedicine is what allows you to receive remote clinical services. For example, this would include a virtual

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