IEEE STEM Activity Kits Are In Demand at 150 U.S. Public Libraries

Jaime E. Love

The concept of
smart roads is not new. It includes efforts like traffic lights that automatically adjust their timing based on sensor data and streetlights that automatically adjust their brightness to reduce energy consumption. PerceptIn, of which coauthor Liu is founder and CEO, has demonstrated at its own test track, in Beijing, that streetlight control can make traffic 40 percent more efficient. (Liu and coauthor Gaudiot, Liu’s former doctoral advisor at the University of California, Irvine, often collaborate on autonomous driving projects.)

But these are piecemeal changes. We propose a much more ambitious approach that combines intelligent roads and intelligent vehicles into an integrated, fully intelligent transportation system. The sheer amount and accuracy of the combined information will allow such a system to reach unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency.

Human drivers have a
crash rate of 4.2 accidents per million miles; autonomous cars must do much better

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Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi 6/E Routers: 2022’s Best List

Jaime E. Love

Together with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and especially the sorta-upcoming Wi-Fi 7, is the new area of faster-than-Gigabit connections, the Multi-Gigabit, which is similar but not to be confused with Multi-Gig.

While it’ll be a long while before you need this type of network throughput, this roundup helps you get (well) ahead of the curve.

You’ll find here some two dozen multi-Gigabit-capable Wi-Fi 6 routers I’ve reviewed. They are about all you can find on the market right now, except for the eero Pro 6E which I purposely decided not to review due to privacy and other issues.

Any of these can deliver at least one Multi-Gig wired connection when you have another similarly capable party, such as your super-fast broadband connection.

While all these are Wi-Fi routers, it’s wired networking we’re talking about here, so run network cables in your home first.

By the way, if you don’t

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The evolution (and eventual end) of computer monitors

Jaime E. Love

(Disclosure: All of the vendors mentioned are clients of the author.)

I met this week with Stefan Engel, Lenovo’s vice president and general manager of visuals business, and we chatted about where monitors are — and where they are going. That prompted me to reflect on why monitors are likely headed toward obsolescence by the end of the decade, and the different approaches Dell, HP, and Lenovo are taking now. 

Let me start with that last point first. 

Dell, HP, and Lenovo march to different monitor drummers

When it comes to setting up a monitor, most users are also interested in speakers and a webcam — especially in the video-centric world in which we now work. Dell views it monitors as entirely separate items; cameras and speakers (with some exceptions) are usually separate, although Dell does tend to support charging and accessory connections, turning them into USB hubs.

HP generally

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