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How Is The Azure Cache For Redis Boosting The Ecommerce Business?

How Is The Azure Cache For Redis Boosting The Ecommerce Business?


Caching technology has not only eased the lives of developers and startup enterprises, but it has also created a massive impact in the ecommerce industry. With the integration of state-of-the-art caching technology in ecommerce platforms, the websites perform much better than traditional servers without caching capabilities. With the Redis server innovationan in-memory, cache-enabled data store, latencies in processing user requests by ecommerce platforms can be solved quickly. Also, the server comes endowed with the cutting-edge Redis cache that reduces server load and minimizes its resource consumption. 

Why does the ecommerce business require caching technology big time?

RAM is one of the most indispensable aspects of each server. Since ecommerce business sites do several transactions on an hourly basis or even daily, they have to spend many resources in purchasing RAM to upgrade their infrastructure and support the constant rail of user requests that land in their laps. … Read More

The Best Computer Sound Bars

Jaime E. Love

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When planning a gaming PC setup, it’s easy to think your audio options are limited to a pair of powered bookshelf speakers. Sound bars are associated with TVs and home theaters, but you can get one that’s designed to sit under your monitor while you play games.

Computer sound bars are more compact than ones we’d recommend for home theater use, but they work the same way. A bunch of drivers (the part of a speaker responsible for producing sound) are placed next to one another in a single horizontal speaker. You lose some stereo separation, but don’t have to string wires around your computer desk. A computer sound bar also has a leg up over gaming headsets, which can get sweaty or start to feel heavy during a long gaming session.

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Honda Electric Car Is Range And Price Challenged, But Technology, Quality Are Plusses

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Honda’s new little electric city car won’t be a candidate for best value for money or longest range, but it is a technology marvel with plenty of ground-breaking innovations, while being the first in a brand-new category of “small premium”.

The “e” looks exceptionally cute, has lively performance, and when you get behind the wheel for the first time, you will see a marvellous sweeping dashboard design which might make even Tesla
owners envious.

Honda has no current plan to sell the car in the U.S.

When you consult the various data sources on the dashboard, which fills the entire space in front of the driver and front-seat passenger and is boarded by the TV monitors for the wing-mirror cameras,

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