July 23, 2024


Technological development

New Modes Help Keep Chrome From Being Resource Hog

Google introduced two new modes from the Chrome browser this week, with both of the modes scheduled to be rolled out across all platforms over the next couple of weeks. The modes are called Memory Saver and Energy Saver, and with names like those, I’m sure you can figure out what they aim to do.

Memory Saver is designed for my friends that have way too many tabs open, all eating up precious memory on their devices. According to Google’s description of the new feature, “Memory Saver mode frees up memory from tabs you aren’t currently using so the active websites you’re browsing have the smoothest possible experience.”

For example, if I’m editing a video in Final Cut Pro, I’ll know that having Chrome open in the background isn’t also eating up a ton of resources. I’ll be sure to let Kellen know of this feature’s existence, since I see that man with like 50 tabs open constantly.

Next up is Energy Saver, designed to, you guessed it, save energy. Just like Battery Saver on a Pixel phone, when your portable device hits less than 20%, Chrome will automatically limit background activity and visual effects from sites with animations and videos. This auto feature can be toggled inside of Chrome settings, just in case you don’t want it.

Be on the lookout for these features to hit your Chrome browser very soon.

// Google