June 18, 2024


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MTN Uganda Launch a Dedicated Internet Product to Digitize Business


MTN Uganda recently launched a dedicated Internet product for businesses through a new campaign themed “Get more access to your customer with MTN business internet”. The fiber internet service dubbed MTN Business Internet is specifically tailored to meet the internet needs of SME business owners, offering them unlimited fast and reliable internet at a fixed cost per month.

MTN business internet provides an affordable yet unlimited internet to meet all business internet connectivity needs such as business email, fast web browsing, online meetings, webinars, large file transfers, connectivity for cloud applications and so much more access to all the information and resources one needs to effectively operate a business.

While launching MTN Business Internet, Ibrahim Senyonga General Manager of MTN Uganda’s Enterprise Business Unit said that Uganda has been recognized as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world with the majority of the businesses aspiring to go online to earn their fair share of the eminent digital business dividends.

“This makes an affordable, fast, and reliable internet connection of paramount importance. With MTN Business Internet, more business owners across the country shall be able to efficiently run their businesses using MTN’s fast, reliable, and affordable yet unlimited internet that can handle all the different needs of their businesses,” Senyonga.

From advertising and marketing, landing customers and clients, to closing deals, and managing business operations, it is critical that business owners swiftly adopt the usage of internet technologies to stay afloat.

In the new digital era where the world has become a global village, it’s imperative for businesses to stay connected and to communicate amongst themselves, with suppliers, customers, and any other audiences, which can easily be done through the internet.

Derrick Juuko (c) a pharmacist at Ecopharm pharmacy is a happy to be an MTN Business Internet customer.
Derrick Juuko (c) a pharmacist at Ecopharm pharmacy is happy to be an MTN Business Internet customer.

A number of businesses have already recorded a great performance in their businesses because of the affordable and reliable unlimited internet connectivity brought about by the MTN business internet solution.

Derrick Juuko, a pharmacist at Ecopharm Pharmacy in Ntinda said that their delivery services have been made easier and faster as customers prefer to place orders online.

“These days our business runs a lot online. We have been able to communicate with our clients including patients or hospitals to take in urgent orders for medicine online, which is more efficient due to the very fast and affordable MTN Business internet that we are connected to,” Juuko said.

Early this year, MTN was recognized and awarded as the best data and voice Network in Uganda by Rohde & Schwarz, an accolade that speaks to its reliable and fast internet speeds across the country.

Bennett Kwesiga a manager at Isabella Bar and restaurant in Ntinda is another happy MTN Business Internet customer. Kwesiga said that it is critical for their business to stay connected to the internet for security purposes.

“With the affordable, fast, and unlimited MTN Business Internet, we are able to keep track of what is happening in and around the restaurant with our internet-enabled security cameras, thus ensuring the safety of our customers and their property, especially vehicles,” Kwesiga said.

He further noted that with the affordable unlimited MTN Business Internet, the establishment is able to provide WiFi to its customers who prefer to work remotely at the restaurant.

“The WiFi we provide helps them conduct zoom meetings while they enjoy a cup of tea and a meal, which has made our business more successful,” Kwesiga added.

To sign up for MTN Business internet, simply visit the MyMTN App and select ‘Business solutions’ to sign up. You can choose between the Business Internet Life package that offers 20MBPS at UGX195,000 per month or the Business Internet Essential package that offers speeds of up to 40MBPS at only UGX295,000 per month. Both packages offer unlimited data connectivity for 30 days.

Senyonga reaffirmed that the MTN Business Internet solution is in line with MTN’s Ambition 2025 strategy of leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress which is anchored on MTN’s belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected world.


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