July 15, 2024


Technological development

Launching TechSpot Jobs: Figure out your next career move

Launching TechSpot Jobs: Figure out your next career move

Tech companies are looking to hire professionals who aren’t simply qualified, but truly passionate about what they do.

The technology industry is now a massive part of the economy and it’s constantly on the lookout for new talent. For as long as we can remember, TechSpot has been a target of job sites and recruiters looking for tech talent.

Today we are launching TechSpot Jobs, a new effort to help our community of IT and technology professionals connect more effectively with companies looking to fill positions in your areas of expertise.

Whether you are looking for a new job or looking for someone to fill an opening at your company, we hope we can serve you with the tools to find the ideal match for your next job. We have teamed up with Jobbio’s Amply Network to create an exclusive job board that enables a seamless recruitment platform, featuring a list of jobs curated exclusively for the TechSpot community.

Together, we are connecting companies with prospective talent who may not be actively seeking a new role. This helps employers to find the best employees, and helps workers to discover open roles they might not have found otherwise.

Software developers, network engineers, support technicians, and product managers, you can narrow down and search job listings by your desired location, experience, company size, and even within a specific company that has multiple openings.

The Amply network gives us access to thousands of incredible job positions, while running a Google-like search engine for tech jobs. Have an opening at your company? TechSpot Jobs helps employers bring candidates’ attention to your listing. By posting on TechSpot Jobs, you’ll be able to reach top talent within our tech community and across the web using Jobbio’s vast network.

“We are excited to join forces with TechSpot and to bring our expertise in recruitment platforms, more specifically putting the right roles and companies in front of the right audiences, and we believe this partnership with TechSpot offers enormous potential for their impassioned community.” said Stephen Quinn, Jobbio’s CEO.

To find a job or expand your career potential, discover the TechSpot Job Board today.