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How to Generate Passive Income in Your Business and Make Millions


  • Becca Luna launched Bold x Boho, a web-design-template service, in August 2019.
  • Website templates generate passive income and allow her to expand her services further.
  • She explained how she built her business and booked more than $1 million in sales last year. 

Becca Luna dropped out of high school in 2014 to pursue freer lifestyle and expand her worldview. While she supported herself by waiting tables in the cities she visited, she sought a more permanent role with flexible hours that would maintain her lifestyle. 

In 2018, she became a virtual assistant and her primary responsibility was building websites for clients. 

“I absolutely loved the creative freedom,” Luna told Insider. “I saw how much potential I had in that industry, specifically with website templates.”

A year later, she left virtual assisting to pursue entrepreneurship and web design on her own — tapping the same hunger for a steady income and flexible hours. She launched Bold x Boho, a business that sells website templates, in August 2019, and booked six figures in sales within the first six months, which Insider verified with documentation.

Today, Luna has expanded her income streams beyond website templates to include educational sessions on becoming a graphic designer and with her signature “website in a day” service, which builds a client website in 24 hours. Last year, she booked more than $1 million in sales, which Insider verified with documentation. 

She shared the path she took from digital novice to full-time entrepreneur. 

Use passive income as a foundation for your business

Luna sells web templates and builds customized sites for her clients

Luna sells web templates and builds customized sites for her clients.

courtesy of Luna

When Luna first launched Bold x Boho, she started by creating and selling website templates using the web design platform ShowIt. 

The templates, which were predesigned by Luna, are then purchased by users who’d customize them with their own copy, images, and necessary information. Because Luna only had to create one version of each template — but could sell it an infinite amount of times — the process quickly became a significant source of passive income.

“I saw just how much potential I had to be creative, make passive income, and create absolute financial freedom,” she said. “While still delivering something to a community that really benefited from it.”

With passive finances supporting her graphics business, Luna then branched out to more time-intensive services: She began offering template customization and consistently booked between $15,000 to $25,000 in sales each month, she said.

Find a unique way to differentiate yourself

Luna saw success from the start, but her business transformed a year and a half ago when she launched the “website in a day” service. 

Her process starts with an initial phone call at 10 a.m., which is followed by a few hours spent crafting the company’s branding — including a color scheme, unique fonts, and logo. After the branding concept is approved at 12:30 p.m., she turns it into a website that consists of an about page, a work with me page, an Instagram menu, and a long-form sales page.

“Website in a day” is Luna’s most lucrative business opportunity, she said, adding that for the one-day session she charges $4,200.

Turning social-media presence into a new branch of business

Luna originally took to social media to promote her web-design skills and attract clients. Instead, she found a community of aspiring designers asking for her advice. She began sharing educational content, like how she structures her “website in a day” schedule, or how to best utilize the ShowIt platform. 

Now Luna offers self-paced courses, like “wealthy web designer” and “ShowIt Site Canvas library,” which allows students to purchase all of her designs to use as they build their own portfolios or businesses. 

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“A personal brand is so unique because you can evolve,” she said. “People connect to you through your values, and that leaves a lot of room for you to grow as an entrepreneur.”

In order to carve out more time to build her personal brand, she hired a full-time executive assistant, a junior designer, and brought on her husband, Willow Kai, as the lead sales and strategy expert. Each of these roles helps manage the back end of the business. 

“I am a strong believer that there’s no direct path,” she said. “If you’re willing to listen to your intuition and hear the calling, it can lead you to something even greater than you could have imagined in the beginning.”


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