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How to Create a YouTube Channel Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create a YouTube Channel Step-by-Step Guide

YouTube is one part of Google’s product that is used for video networks. The best part is that it is the most popular video network app and, same as Google search engine, it has a database of billions of users that use this app on a daily basis. We are one of them that use Youtube many times a day and for many reasons but do you know many people use Youtube for making money? Yes you have heard it right people earn money by creating Youtube videos on their youtube channels which we all watch daily. 

We all wonder one time or another how these Youtubers earn so much money by just creating videos on YouTube channels. So do you think that it is easy to create videos if you have knowledge of that particular subject. So you should also try our luck by making a YouTube channel and earn money by it. If you are also a new person and don’t know how to create a YouTube Channel and earn money out of it then this is the right place to learn about it as we will learn step by step how to create a YouTube Channel and how to optimize the existing or newly made YouTube channel. But before starting let me tell you the advantages & disadvantages of a YouTube channel so that you will get a clarity on whether you want to create a YouTube Channel or not.

Advantages & Disadvantages of YouTube Channel

Advantages :

 – You get to share knowledge about your hobby/interests with others.

 – You get to connect with people who have similar interests as yours.

 – You get paid if someone likes what you post.

 Disadvantage :

 – You need to make videos everyday.

 – You need to edit them.

 – You need good equipment.

 – You need a lot of time.

 – You need patience.

 – You need money.

 – You need experience.

 – You need lots of practice.

 – You need help.

Step on How to Create a YouTube Channel

1. Choose Your Niche

The first step in starting a YouTube channel is choosing what type of content you want to create. You should choose something that interests you, but isn’t too specific. If you’re interested in making videos about cooking, then make sure that your niche is cooking. If you’re interested in creating videos about makeup, then make sure that you pick a niche that is not already saturated with content.

 2. Decide What Kind Of Content To Make

Once you’ve chosen your niche, you’ll need to decide what kind of content you want to produce. Do you want to make educational videos? How-to videos? Or maybe you just want to do funny pranks? There’s no right answer here, but I would recommend trying out different types of content until you find something that you enjoy making.

 3. Pick A Name And Logo

Now that you have decided what kind of content you’d like to make, it’s time to think about picking a name and logo for your channel. Try to keep it short and simple; if you plan on having a lot of content, then you might want to consider using your username instead of your channel name. Also, try to use a unique color scheme.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

4. Create YouTube account

As you are not very clear with your niche and kind of content you will choose. You also have to pick the brand name for your channel and logo. Now we should start creating our Youtube channel. For that first thing you require is a google id. All of us may have a Google id that we use to login on Youtube and watch videos on it. You can use the same Youtube account or different account also if you want. Just login on Youtube by using your google account. 

Now just click on your profile. You can see “Create a channel”, click on that. Fill your Channel name and click on create. Your channel is now created.

5. Head over to your YouTube settings

Now go to your Youtube profile pic and click on that you will get the option of “Create a channel.” Click on that and fill in the necessary details. Your channel is created. Now optimize your channel by selecting a profile picture, add a description, add banner etc. to your youtube channel and start creating videos.

YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Account if you don’t have google account.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google account you can make one as it is very simple to make a google account. Just click on this “https://www.google.com/intl/en-GB/gmail/about/”. Now there will be an account option on your screen. Just fill your Full name, enter a username that you want to create and enter your password. Now Click on next. You will get a display asking for your phone no. enter it. Double check your number and put your current number there as you will get a google code on it.  Click on Next button and you will get a code on your number. Enter the code and click on the verify button. Your account is created. 

Now you can use this google account and login in to a Youtube website or app by just clicking on the Signin button that is at the right of your screen. Enter the username or Email and password and you will be login in to Youtube account. Now follow the same steps mentioned above on creating a YouTube Channel.

Now the next step is to customized the  YouTube channel. 

Customize your YouTube channel

Now we have learned how to create a Youtube channel. Next step is to customize your YouTube Channel. Here are some important pointers that will help you in customized your YouTube Channel.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

1. Create a custom thumbnail

The first step to making your YouTube channel look great is to create a custom thumbnail. You can do this by uploading a picture to your account and then selecting the “thumbnail” option under the video settings. Make sure to choose a high-resolution image (at least 1920 x 1080 pixels) that represents what your videos will be about. If you have a logo or brand name, make sure to use it!

 2. Customize your cover art

 Your cover art is the background behind your profile page and covers. It should represent your content and style. Uploading a photo of yourself is always a good idea, but if you don’t want to do that, you can upload a screenshot of your desktop instead.

 3. Add a description

This is the text that appears below your cover art. Use a short, descriptive title that tells people what they’ll find on your channel. Try not to go over 50 characters though, since some channels won’t display longer titles.

 4. Choose a theme

You can customize your profile page by choosing a theme. There are many themes to choose from, including ones that match your personality, your favorite colors, or even your favorite movies.

 5. Set your privacy options

By default, your YouTube channel is public. However, you can change this setting to private if you’d prefer. Once you’ve set your privacy options, you can share them with others by clicking the “share my privacy options” button at the bottom right corner of your profile page.

 6. Select a category

Selecting a category helps viewers find your videos faster. To add a category, click the “+” icon at the top left corner of your profile page and select the category you’d like to add.

 7. Tag your videos

Tagging your videos is optional, but tagging makes it easier for viewers to find your videos. Click the “video tags” tab at the top right corner of your profile and enter keywords related to your videos.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a YouTube Channel?

If you want to start a YouTube Channels, it is just free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything for it. You’ll just need some equipment for making Youtube videos. First off, you’ll need a camera. Most people use their smartphone these days, but if you want to get really professional, you can invest in a DSLR. Next, you’ll need lighting. This could be anything from a lamp to a full studio setup. Finally, you’ll need software. Video editing programs are pretty cheap nowadays, so don’t worry about spending too much money on this. You can buy these things anytime, but we recommend doing it before you start making videos.

After you’ve got all of your equipment, it’s finally time to start making videos! Don’t feel intimidated though, YouTube is actually quite easy to use. Just remember to be yourself and don’t try to imitate anyone else.

How to optimize YouTube videos for search.

How to optimize YouTube videos for search.

Now we all hope you have already created a Youtube channel and have started making videos but to earn money you need to upload and optimized these YouTube videos for searches so that people can find these videos by searching different keywords for YouTube. From this you will get more subscribers and watch more of your Youtube videos to earn money out of it. Here are the steps that will help you in optimizing YouTube videos.

1. Optimizing Video Titles

Optimizing video titles is one of the first things you should do if you want to get views on YouTube. You need to make sure that your title is relevant to what the video is about. If you have a video about how to play guitar, then don’t put “How To Play Guitar” as your title. Instead, try something like “Learn How To Play Guitar”. Your title should be short, sweet and crispy, and it should tell people exactly what they’re going to learn in the video.

 2. Optimizing Video Descriptions

Video descriptions are text snippets that appear below the video player. These descriptions help viewers understand what’s happening in the video. However, many people skip these descriptions because they think they aren’t necessary. In reality, they can actually increase your chances of getting views. So, make sure to write detailed descriptions that describe the content of the video.

 3. Optimizing Tags

Tags are keywords that appear at the end of your video description. Make sure to use relevant tags. For example, if you’re making a video about how to cook chicken, don’t tag it with “how to cook”, “chicken recipes”, etc. Instead, tag it with “how-to-cook chicken recipes”. Also, avoid using generic tags like “food”, “recipes”, etc. People won’t know what your video is about just by looking at those tags.

 4. Optimizing Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images are small versions of your video that appear in search results. They should be high quality and optimized for SEO purposes. Try to keep them under 500KB.

 5. Optimizing Videos

Videos take time to upload, so make sure to optimize them before uploading. Here are some tips:

 – Use a fast internet connection.

 – Reduce file size.

 – Keep the resolution low.

 – Remove unnecessary audio tracks.

Over to You

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you have learned how to create a YouTube Channel and earn money out of it. So start your YouTube channel now and tell us how much this article has helped you in optimized and earning money through YouTube channel.