July 22, 2024


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9 Essential Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Important Facts That You Must Know About Dedicated Server Hosting | by  Charles Denham | Medium

Did you know the dedicated server hosting market is expected to grow by 18.9% CAGR by 2029? This proves that dedicated web hosting services still remain the most popular hosting option within the hosting industry.

Although shared hosting is a beginner-friendly hosting option for most companies, many small companies (even startups) are looking forward to having dedicated servers as their first option. But why is that?

The article below explores the reasons behind it and also covers 9 essential dedicated server features, making it the favourite hosting option of all.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

  1. Easy Server Management

With a fully managed dedicated server, the complete server is managed by the web host. Since it is managed by IT professionals, this type of server hosting ensures your business gets a solid online presence.

Further, with a dedicated server, you get dedicated resources, which offers you an excellent hosting experience.

  1. Security

Security is a sensitive element of any online business, but when you have fully managed dedicated hosting, you can be worry-free about the security of data, whether yours or your consumers. 

Dedicated hosting benefits and support while ensuring complete measures are taken to combat cyber threats and breaches. It allows you to tailor its settings according to your necessities. Further, they deliver comprehensive expertise for maintaining and keeping your webpage safe.

  1. Complete Support of IT professional

Managing your dedicated hosting server can be difficult, particularly when you lack the technical know-how.

But with a fully managed dedicated hosting service available, you can be worry-free as every technical element of your webpage is taken care of by a professional who will also administer and resolve tasks related to security updates and management. 

Besides, these professionals shall constantly assist and observe your server, giving you total peace of mind involving your webpage.

  1. Handles Scalability

The important dedicated server feature is scalability. As dedicated hosting provides its own space dedicated to your website, it makes it strong enough to handle any level of spike your website may face. Finding this level of scalability with other servers may be challenging 

  1. Complete access

With a dedicated server, you get complete administrative access, which gives you complete control of your server. You can install any number of applications and software as per your business needs.

  1. Complete Monitoring 

The hosting provider will monitor your server 24/7, making sure you have optimum backup power sources and connections to the network and storage and protecting your server against any unauthorized access. 

  1. Choose Your OS

When you have dedicated servers for hosting, you get to choose between the specific operating system like Linux or Windows Server OS. You have to choose the OS that best suits your infrastructure, as it is all about making things work seamlessly for your business.

  1. Provides Hardware Choice

When choosing a web host for your dedicated server, go for one that gives you hardware choices such as the total number of cores, CPU model, RAM amount, hard disk capacity, bandwidth, RAID, and more. 

Some servers are specialised for specific tasks. You might need ultra-high memory servers for Deep Learning and AI or super-fast CPU servers for crunching through large amounts of corporate data in a clustered database.

  1. Choose Your Control Panel

With a dedicated hosting server, you get to choose your control panel, so go for a web host that provides versatile control panels like Plesk, cPanel, or WHM. 

These panels ensure easy server and web management while offering automation tools for tasks like configuring spam filters, making email accounts, and managing databases, domain names, files, etc.


Now that you are aware of the 9 features of dedicated hosting make sure you buy a dedicated hosting plan that fits your needs and helps you to establish a robust online presence.