3 ways to keep your Tech business safe (that you might not have thought of)

Jaime E. Love

3 ways to keep your Tech business safe


When you think about security for a tech business, your mind is likely to turn
straight away to cyber security and keeping your data (and that of your
customers) safe from those with malicious intent. Of course, this is vitally
important, as a successful attack can bring a premature end to your business
and tarnish your reputation for years to come, but online security is not the
whole story.

There are some key steps you need to take when it comes to physical security
to keep your business and, more importantly, the people who work for you safe
as well. While this, understandably, might not be at the front of your mind
when you are putting together your budget for the next 12 months, if you
choose to overlook this key area, you might well regret it.

Key card entry

In the same way, you might restrict employees’ digital access to areas they
have no business being. You can do exactly the same thing with them physically
as well. This will only allow people who you want to be in the building (or
even in the parking lot) in the first place, making it easier to ensure
everyone’s personal security.

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This also overlaps neatly with protecting access to your tech because if
somebody can gain access to your building, it can nullify any online efforts
you may have made. As an added benefit, you will also be able to track your workforces’ movements in the building to help spot any disaffected employees
and the threat they pose to your business.

Deter possible vandals

Although groups of people hanging around outside your business are not
always intent on vandalism or theft, it can make your staff uncomfortable
and does not give a good impression to any customers or potential business
partners who have dropped by for a face-to-face meeting.

The technology available from mosquitoloiteringsolutions.com can, once in
place, deter groups from congregating at or near the front or rear of your
premises. It is a solution that is certainly cheaper than having a security
guard or an understandably reluctant employee goes out to move them on, and
considerably less confrontational.

Correct lighting in outside areas

Now those areas are free from groups, you still need to do whatever you can
to ensure that your workforce can safely get to their cars from the office
building. Parking lots are the place where many thefts and assaults take
place, so it is important to keep them secure.


As well as restricting entry, it can also be useful to make sure the area is
well lit, especially with lighting that is motion-activated. Not only will
this deter those that wish harm to your employees, it has the added benefit
of cutting down the chances of a trip or fall and the ensuing problems that
will cause not only to your employee but also to your business through
possible lawsuits.

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