Burlington County Institute of Technology-WesTech prom 2022 (PHOTOS)

Jaime E. Love

Burlington County Institute of Technology-WesTech prom 2022

Students from Burlington County Institute of Technology-WesTech celebrate their prom at The Merion in Cinnaminson, Friday, May 20, 2022.Edi Doh | For NJ Advance Media

It was a night to remember for Burlington County Institute of Technology-WesTech students as they celebrated their prom at The Merion in Cinnaminson on Friday night. Prom-goers arrived in style as they posed for photos, socialized and danced the night away.

With high school proms back in full swing this year, NJ.com is offering a new benefit to subscribers: Free, high-res photo downloads — as well as the option to purchase keepsakes at a 50% discount.

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Mood Focused Car Enhancement – Grape Up

Jaime E. Love

Driving a car must evoke certain emotions and associations. Without them, a vehicle loses its soul, becomes a machine like any other and it is extremely hard for it to win popularity in a market filled to the brim. For years, brands have been striving to build their individual character and stand out with features such as unique design, performance, safety, or high quality of workmanship. With the proliferation of digital technologies, there is now one more element in the OEMs’ toolkit: mood-building. From now on, drivers themselves can decide how they want to feel at a given moment. It’s time for mood focused car enhancement. Digital technology will allow them to attain this state.

Up until now, remarkable driving sensations have typically been achieved by manufacturers through smooth driving, luxurious interior design or high-end sound systems. With modern technology, all of these elements can be combined into one

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How can I get better at using Google search? | Search engines

Jaime E. Love

Last week’s column mentioned search skills. I’m sometimes on the third page of results before I get to what I was really looking for. I’m sure a few simple tips would find these results on page 1. All advice welcome. Michael

Google achieved its amazing popularity by de-skilling search. Suddenly, people who were not very good at searching – which is almost everyone – could get good results without entering long, complex searches. Partly this was because Google knew which pages were most important, based on its PageRank algorithm, and it knew which pages were most effective, because users quickly bounced back from websites that didn’t deliver what they wanted.

Later, Google added personalisation based on factors such as your location, your previous searches, your visits to other websites, and other things it knew about you. This created a backlash from people with privacy concerns, because your searches into physical

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A Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Marketing in 2022

Jaime E. Love

One woman packing clothes into shipping boxes while the other checks her laptop at a table in a clothing store storeroom.

Image source: Getty Images

The e-commerce marketing strategies you use can make or break your online business. In this guide, we cover several tried and tested e-commerce marketing methods to help you grow your business.

By 2040, about 95% of purchases in the UK are going to be facilitated through e-commerce, according to Nasdaq.com.

This figure is a dead giveaway of why e-commerce store owners should come up with their ideal marketing channels and double down on their marketing efforts.

After all, as more people purchase online, more online seller-competitors will emerge.

As noisy as the Internet has become, you need to have a game plan to ensure that your audience finds their way to your products.

That’s where e-commerce online marketing comes in.

What is e-commerce marketing?

There is a key difference that distinguishes e-commerce marketing from other digital marketing methods.

If someone shares content online without intending to

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