How CRM Software Can Help Entrepreneurs and CEOs?

Jaime E. Love

With the evolving technology and digitization, customers today have more access to product information, which greatly influences their buying decision. It makes them more powerful in driving business growth. This trend has compelled CEOs and entrepreneurs to shift their business models from revenue-centric to customer-centric. CEOs have realized that a strong relationship with customers helps them to understand customer needs on a deeper level and increase sales prospects.

As technology is becoming the face of companies worldwide, CRM software solutions are today seen as a one-stop solution for building outstanding customer relationships. By adopting CRM solutions, the organization can automate the customer acquisition process and increase the efficiency in sales, marketing, and customer services.

As per Statista, the global customer relationship management (CRM) software market will grow to $49.6 billion in 2025. But many CEOs and entrepreneurs see CRM solutions as just an introspection tool rather than a business

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Electronic assemblies without PCBs – Electronic Products & TechnologyElectronic Products & Technology

Jaime E. Love

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is a special success story. For almost 20 years, it has been possible to apply electronic conductor paths directly onto plastic parts during series production. LDS enables the production of electronic assemblies with flexible geometric shapes. This process enables electronic products (such as smart phones, sensors or medical devices) to become even smaller and more powerful. Automated manufacturing processes also make this process more economically attractive.

There is less and less space available for electronic assemblies, so solutions are needed which replace conventional printed circuit boards. LDS enables further miniaturization and makes increasingly complex geometric designs possible. This is a stable and reliable process that has established itself in quality-critical sectors such as medical technology or safety-relevant components for the automotive industry.

LDS process enables three-dimensional assemblies

Direct laser structuring enables 3D-MID (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) assemblies to be produced. When using 3D-MID, electronic components can be

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Recommendation Engines: Making Better Choices

Jaime E. Love


One of the most telling traits of the companies of the new digital era is the ability to deliver actionable recommendations. More often than not, the competitive advantage of these digital-first companies is correlated to the accuracy of recommendation engines.

Think about companies that have revolutionized their respective industries. Whether it’s Netflix, Spotify or Amazon, all of them have originally made recommendation engines as their main tool for customer engagement and loyalty. The way Spotify can discover new music that you will enjoy with unprecedented accuracy and without any visible input of yours is what made it stand out from the competition. As time goes by, it becomes even smarter and more accurate, enabling a never-ending cycle of value creation.

In many ways, recommendation systems allow for sustaining an ever-increasing flow of new information, products, and services. With 60,000 songs uploaded daily on Spotify, more than 500 hours of content

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