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10 Best AI Writer Websites

10 Best AI Writer Websites

Written text has become a significant part of life for thousands of years but in the last three decades, it has multiplied to an extent that is unbelievable in terms of scale with the advent of the Internet. Digital media has taken up a big chunk of the economy by allowing writing on the internet to be a full-time job. We all spend time writing on the internet whether its a blog article, comment, social media post, website content, product description, video scripts, advertisements, ebooks, and even for communication purposes like email, customer support, etc.,

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Now, that we are in the age of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models, they are tools everywhere now where you can get text content generated by AI based on the text prompt that you provide. If you are not aware of AI tools, then you should definitely read about them. They have the ability to generate text, voice, and even art based on the prompts you provide.

10 Best AI Writer Websites

These AI writer tools have developed so much because they have the training data that lets them understand how well and how well the readers respond to the text content. So, these tools need truth data and some instructions as to how to make a text readable and interesting enough.

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In this article, we will talk about 10 different AI-based text generators and see what’s good about them or what’s bad about them. Understanding the features and how it works would help you as an end user to make strong decisions as to whether go with it or not. I strongly believe AI is not going to steal my job as a writer but it definitely helps me generate text and content that I can use to write better articles.


Rytr is a great content writing platform to start with if you are a beginner in the area of AI-generated content. The AI algorithms used by Rytr have been trained by huge amounts of data from the past and can definitely help you generate the content you want based on the prompt you have provided.

There is also an in-built writing assistant which will guide you along while you are building out your text content. From grammar, tone, and style to writing personality, Rytr can help you a great deal to write compelling and envigorating articles on your own.

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Character and word counter helps you help in track and even the tone checker helps you put across the emotion behind the article. The best thing for a beginner is the fact that there is a Plagiarism checker built right into the tool.

Rytr has three different plans that you can choose from:

  • Free Plan ($0) – Generate up to 10000 characters per month which are very less.
  • Saver Plan ($9/month) – Generate 100000 characters per month with 20+ tones.
  • Unlimited Plan ($29/month) – Generate unlimited characters per month with a dedicated account manager.

You can choose the plan that actually works for you and go ahead with that.


Sudowrite is a great tool to bust your writer’s block with the help of AI or at least that’s what they tell you on their homepage. It’s an effective tool to generate new content or even rewrite existing content to make it better or even change its direction of it. When you are in need of words, Sudowrite definitely got your back and even throws ideas at you for brainstorming.

It’s extremely user-friendly and can be of great help if you are a budding writer or in case if your job requires you to write out large pieces of content. It has some amazing features to write, describe, rewrite, and even generate poems directly from the tool.

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Sudowrite has three different pricing options and you can choose the one that works for you. Compared with Rytr, Sudowrite provides more value for the money that you actually spend.

  • Hobby & Student ($10/month) – 30000 words per month
  • Professional ($20/month) – 90000 words per month
  • Max ($100/month) – 300,000 words per month


Copysmith is generally focused on generating copywriting content, especially in the internet space. This AI-based tool can also provide an easy way to share and promote content in addition to being a copywriting content-generating software.

You can also generate content for different requirements like blog posts, articles, landing pages, social media write up, presentation content, and even for book content. Copysmith is a great tool that understands the writing ability and unique style and caters to each and every user predicting what they would want from the generating tool. So, from being a great tool to generate text, Copysmith can be your writing buddy as well.

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In a single spot, you can create, organize and edit your copywriting content without any hassle. It has multi-language support and the affordable pricing models don’t burn a hole in the bottom of your pocket.

CopySmith has three pricing models and they are as follows.

  • Starter ($19/month) – 75 Credits & 20 Plagiarism Checks every month
  • Professional ($59/month) – 400 Credits & 100 Plagiarism Checks every month
  • Enterprise (Contact team for custom pricing) – Unlimited credits and checks.


CopyAI website says “Say ‘goodbye’ to the blank page for good” and that’s definitely what it does good. CopyAI can kickstart your writing task by stepping over the writer’s block with the help of a tool that takes helps from AI-trained models.

CopyAI is mainly marketed toward bloggers, social media managers, and email marketers. There are more than 4,000,000 teams and individuals like Microsoft, eBay, and Nestle who use CopyAI across the world. This in itself is a great testament to how reliable this tool actually is.

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CopyAI has two different tiers: Free and Pro. Free users can write up to 2000 words per month and can be used by a single user inside a single account.

For the Pro tier you can choose among 4 different word count limits: 40K, 100K, 300K, and Unlimited and they cost around $49, $79, $269, and custom pricing for unlimited words. All the Pro tier members can have up to 5 different users, 90+ tools, 25+ language support, and also email support.

Neural Text

Neural Text is a one stop solution for content marketing that will save you a ton of time and energy. It has amazing features like Paragraph Generator, Content Outline, product description, keyword clustering and so much more.

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When it comes to pricing I have to say, Neural Text is reasonable. You can give it a test run for 5 days just for the cost of $1. The plans available are Starter, Basic & Pro. They cost $19, $49, $119 which has its own different feature sets and provision. You can check it out here in their website.


If you are looking for a tool that writes content specifically to make Google SEO happy, then look no further than GrowthBar. Its the best palces to write SEO Friendly content for blog posts, websites and articles with the help of AI trained algorithm. Its being used by thousands of marketers and bloggers like Product Hunt, Dell, Codeless, monday.com, verkada and so many more.

Some of the tools that are part of GrowthBar are:

  • AI Writing Tool
  • AI Blog Outline
  • AI Paragraph Rewriter
  • AI Blog Outline
  • SEO Audit Tool

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Now, lets talk about how much it costs. Before joining a plan, you can choose to try it free of cost for 5 days. They have three different plans:

  • Standard – $29 / month – 25 AI Content Outlines (2 Users)
  • Pro – $79 / month – 100 AI Content Outlines (5 Users)
  • Agency – $129 / month – 300 AI Content Outlines (10 User Accounts)

In case if you are looking for a custom plan, you can choose to do that by getting in touch with the Sales Team.

AI Writer

AI Writer is a wonder content generator platform which helps you get accurate & quality text content for the text prompt within a matter of few minutes. It has been used by Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and many more other companies. From this, you can see that its a preferred content generation tool for news outlets and websites.

You can generate full-length articles, verify content and create SEO friendly articles with the help of an AI algorithm that is specifically trained to help you achieve your writing goals and set the tone of your writing in the best spot.

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AI Writer has three different pricing plans:

  • Basic ($29) – Up to 40 articles, 1 User and SEO Editor
  • Standard ($59) – Up to 150 Articles, 1 User and Text Rewording
  • Power ($375) – Up to 1000 articles, 10 users and directly publish to wordpress (2 months free for annual subscription)

Choose the plan that works for you and go ahead with your amazing content generation tool.


If you are content writer, Frase AI will help you research, organize, write and bring together SEO optimized content within a matter of minutes instead of spending valuable hours every day on the job. There are features liek Automated Content Briefs, Document Sharing, Google Search Console, Content Scoring, Custom Templates, Formatting options etc.,

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Now, when it comes to pricing, before choosing any plans you can do a test run for 5 days just for $1. You can cancel anytime you want if you choose to do so. These are the three plans available in Frase.

  • Solo ($14.99 / mo) – Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month for 1 User
  • Basic ($44.99 / mo) – Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month for 1 User
  • Team ($114.99 / mo) – Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month for 3 users

There is also a Pro-Add On which can add to your subscription which $35 a month. This Add-on will give your additional features like keyword search volume, SERP Data Enrichment, and Frase AI Writer.


This is one shop stop for anything that you need written for the internet. Whether its blog or articles or targeted ads or even generic social media posts, WriteSonic is the best place for it all. These are some of the features that are built into WriteSonic:

  • AI Article and Blog Writer
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Text Expander
  • Article Summarizer
  • Product Description
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Quora Answers
  • landing Pages
  • AI Article Ideas

These are the products that come under the subscription. In addition to that, there are so many tools that are completely free of cost and can be used without any limits. Some of the free tools are AI Art Generator, blog ideas, Blog Intros, Blog Outlines, Product Description, Keyword Extractor, Youtube Titles, Meta Home, Call to Action etc.,

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Now lets talk about how much this bundle of joy costs. They have a free tier and also a Long-form. The Free tier offers up to 25,000 words per month for $0. When it comes to Long form content, it costs $12.67/ month for 190,000 words, $32.67/ month for 750,000 words, $66/ month for 1,600,000 words, $132.67/ month for 3,500,000 words, $332.67/ month for 9,000,000 words and $666 for 20,000,000 words/month. In case if you want a custom plan, you might have to get in touch with their sales team to get yourself a good deal.

Hyperwrite AI

Now, this is not even a tool that you need to purchase separately. Hyperwrite AI is a free chrome extension that you can add to your Google browser that can help you immensely while you are writing any content. It can suggest to you text content based on the context of whatever you have started writing already.

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HyperWrite is powered by the latest text generation models like GPT-3 and can help you generate images using the Stable Diffusion model. The tool is being constantly improved every day to make it better. With the free version, you get 100s of suggestions every single day and also 15 auto-writes and rewrites every month. In case you find this useful and choose to upgrade to Premium and get unlimited access to all their features for $9.99 per month.

Especially in Nov 2022, if you have paid attention, there is a new tool called ChatGPT which is a conversation AI developed by OpenAI which would talk to you as if it’s a human conversation and gives you information and keep context and so many other things. It can also generate content based on the topic or the prompt you provide.

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In addition to these, I strongly believe that these tools are going to improve like exponentially in the future because the training models are improving in such a way that is beyond comprehension. So, have you ever come across any AI-based tool that generates text for you? If so, do let us know in the comments below.